Slideshow of Pro-Independence Posters

A collaboration between Colin Dunn (Indyposterboy), Independence Live, IndyPram & YYes Scotland has resulted in a video of pro-independence posters for Yes groups and organisations to display at stalls, events and Yes Hubs. The individual posters are timed so that they can actually be read before the next slide appears. The… Continue Reading Slideshow of Pro-Independence Posters

Email Notification Feature Discontinued

The Hub’s primary goal is to advance the cause of Scottish Independence by providing a platform that contains as much pro-independence information, commentary & analysis as possible – giving visitors an easy way to read and then share what they find. By creating a central location to stay up-to-date with what is… Continue Reading Email Notification Feature Discontinued

iOS App Enters Public BETA Test Phase

Over the last nine months, I’ve been developing an iOS app for The Hub, with huge thanks to the Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) who have given me the funds to get the equipment needed. In June this year, the app went into internal testing with a select few individuals. Whilst… Continue Reading iOS App Enters Public BETA Test Phase