Livestream On The Hub

On 31st January 2019, Scotland reacted to being removed from the European Union by holding a series of candlelit vigils around the country. In the lead-up to these events, Independence Live were asking folk if there was anyone available to livestream them so that people who weren’t attending were able… Continue Reading Livestream On The Hub

Leave A Light On: Brexit Events In Scotland

Listed below are all the events happening around Scotland to mourn our country being ripped out of Europe against our will. Not only did Scotland vote decisively  to Remain in the EU (62% to 38%) but a recent poll now shows a whopping 73% of Scots believe the UK is wrong… Continue Reading Leave A Light On: Brexit Events In Scotland

March For Independence – 11/01/20

There are currently three marches being organised to be held simultaneously on 11th January 2020 in Inverness, Dumfries & Glasgow. We’re sending a message to Westminster that Scotland has spoken and our mandate must be respected. More info to follow once route & times are confirmed so check back on… Continue Reading March For Independence – 11/01/20