Scotland’s GDP in 2021 is estimated to be £180.7 billion in total, or £32,974 ($39,000) per person. On day one of independence, this would make Scotland richer than Italy & Spain and just behind Japan. We would be twice as rich as Hungary, Poland and Croatia and three times richer than China (source). This is not the… Continue Reading Believe In: Our Resources

When you ask people about what Scotland has given the world, they will more often than not reply “TV” and “penicillin”. What’s incredible about our country is that our citizens didn’t just invent two things that completely revolutionized the world. Scotland invented the modern world. Botanists, geologists, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, zoologists,… Continue Reading Believe In: Our People

There has been a lot of talk in the media and social media about Scottish Independence & pensions. As usual, the anti-independence argument boils down to threats that rUK will act like a petulant child and refuse to honour National Insurance Contributions, leaving our pensioners with nothing to show for… Continue Reading Scottish Independence & Pensions

Believe In Scotland are co-ordinating a Day of Action on 18th September 2021 – the 7th anniversary of the independence referendum. Yes groups around the country are taking part in a variety of activities including leafletting, street stalls, newspaper drops & demonstrations. As always, The Hub is here to list… Continue Reading Believe In Scotland Day of Action