The Hub’s primary purpose is to cast a net over as much of the internet as possible and bring Scottish political/independence related content all into one place. It routinely checks over 350 groups and organisations for articles, videos, events, podcasts, livestreams & fundraisers then alerts you if there’s anything new.… Continue Reading How The Hub Can Help The Yes Movement

As Yes groups continue to prepare themselves for a second Scottish Independence Referendum, it is important that structures are put in place that allow us to maximise the exposure of what each group is doing – it’s the reason The Hub exists in the first place. Whilst I believe the… Continue Reading Show Upcoming Events On Your Website

Days after the 2014 result of the first Independence Referendum, work began on The Hub with the belief that in the near future, Scotland would once again have the opportunity to decide if it wishes to become a sovereign nation. The announcement today by Nicola Sturgeon is of course welcome,… Continue Reading Statement on Second Referendum

The Hub collects all the latest pro-independence¬†articles, opinions, videos, livestreams, podcasts & events in one location – available on the web ( or on Android devices ( Once registered, you can follow users just like on Twitter & Facebook, but our social media platform also includes Groups which range from… Continue Reading The Hub – Pro-independence news & events from around Scotland

TheHub has had a few things added this month, so here’s a quick summary to let you know all about them. Improved Notifications All mobile notifications you receive will contain more information. There are action buttons to allow you to listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos & plan a journey… Continue Reading New Features Roundup: November 2015