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The Hub provides an easy to use method of including different parts of our app on your own website. From events to fundraisers, livestreams to entire timelines - with just two lines of code you can get the same data as The Hub, with 3 different themes to choose from.

Today I have released the next area - perhaps the most important - Fact Checks.

Anti-independence campaigners, opposition politicians and a compliant pro-UK media continue to peddle myths and outright lies surrounding independence, forcing us to use up our time rebutting instead of setting out our positive vision for an independent Scotland.

For the last 6 months, The Hub has been curating articles & videos into a Fact Check area, with categories for Currency, Pensions, Economy, Scot/Eng Border, EU Membership & more.

Now you are able to display these on your own websites, with just TWO lines of code. For example, here is some Fact Checks on the Scottish economy:

To find out more, check it out here.

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