On 31st January 2019, Scotland reacted to being removed from the European Union by holding a series of candlelit vigils around the country. In the lead-up to these events, Independence Live were asking folk if there was anyone available to livestream them so that people who weren't attending were able to see what was happening.

There were a number of livestreams that night, all broadcast by the excellent Independence Live but I felt there could have been a lot, lot more. Perhaps people aren't confident livestreaming, maybe they don't feel they know how to go about it?

With that in mind, I began work on adding livestream functionality to The Hub with the objective of making it as simple as possible. I want everyone to feel comfortable as possible when they broadcast live on the app.

The process for livestreaming is extremely easy. You just tap the FAB button at the bottom of the app. On the next screen, give your stream a title (so people know what it's about!) and hit Continue. You're all set! Just tap the record button and away you go. There are also additional options such as notifying your followers, or choosing to stream from a group instead of your personal account. The steps are the same on both the iOS and Android apps.

Once the stream is ended (just tap the record button again to end your broadcast), the stream is instantly made available for others to view, in case they missed it when it went live.

You can stream any pro-Scotland & pro-independence event you like, so long as you stick to The Hub's Terms & Conditions of course! Rallies, marches, vigils, demonstrations, hustings, canvassing, updates on what your Yes groups has been up to... livestreaming notifies your followers and allows them to keep up-to-date with everything you are doing. Do you have followers on Twitter/Facebook you want to notify when you are streaming on The Hub? Cool, just tap the share button at the top right when you're streaming and it'll contain a link for others to watch.

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Full changelog:

v3.70 (Android)
- Livestreaming function added
- Amended password creation to allow special characters
- New "Groups I Run" tab in Groups area to show groups you administrate
- Added link to Scottish Independence Foundation on initial guest screen
- Defunct in-app purchases permission removed

v3.7.0 (iOS)
- Livestreaming function added
- Amended password creation to allow special characters
- Added new "Groups I Run" tab to the Groups area
- Joining/leaving a group now works as intended across all areas
- Member Administration of groups shows correct icons and works as intended.
- Fixed crash when tapping avatar on groups Member Administration screen

To download the app, head to https://thehub.scot/apps and select your devices app store.

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