I began creating The Hub shortly after the first Independence Referendum in 2014. I wanted to create a way of having all my favourite pro-independence websites in once place so I can read new articles one after another during my lunch break. It quickly became more than that - allowing other people to register and follow groups they were interested in - then comment on and share what they have found.

Since the website was finished I began to work on the mobile apps for Android and iOS. This meant that an API needed to be created. In simple terms it meant the code would be separate from the design.

The Hub's website still uses very archaic code to display results and as work was focused on ensuring everything worked on mobile devices, The Hub's website began to fall behind and have poor performance.

I've taken the decision to make The Hub's website read-only which means should you wish to continue to follow groups and receive updates you'll need to download either the Android or the iOS app. The website now runs off the API and will continue to be tweaked to ensure that pro-indy content is pushed as high up search engine rankings as possible.

Each piece of content on The Hub can be quickly shared and embedded on other websites by tapping the "share" icon at the bottom right of the post.

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