I am very proud to announce that The Hub is now available on iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) on the App Store. A culmination of 11 months of coding, 6 months private testing and 1 month public testing has resulted in the largest pro-independence resource now available across millions of devices. This project would not have been possible without funding by the Scottish Independence Foundation.

The Hub is the best place to stay up to date with the latest news surrounding Scottish politics. View the latest videos from Phantom Power, get notified when Independence Live are streaming a march, or find events near your current location. It's all here in one app.

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With over 400 pro-indy groups listed, The Hub has archived over 80,000 items you can search through, read, watch & listen.

To download the app for your device, head to https://thehub.scot/apps.

What Is The Hub?

The Hub is a social media platform dedicated to Scottish Independence, developed over the last 5 years to make information regarding Scottish politics and local activism easily available by having one central place for news, livestreams, podcasts & events from all Yes groups.

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Follow hundreds of pro-independence groups

Information On Tap

The Hub currently has over 400 groups from around Scotland - a mix of local Yes groups, political groups (mainly SNP) and prominent websites that produce pro-independence news & media. Our mobile apps will automatically notify anyone who joins these groups that new content is available to be viewed - you'll always stay up to date with everything regarding #indyref2.

Local Groups

The Hub can use your device's current location to let you find Yes groups close by. There is no need for you to enter a postcode each time. The app will detect where you are and produce a list of all groups in your area and even show directions to get you there from your current location. From there, it's simply a tap of a button to follow those groups and keep up to date with their news.

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Do We Need Another Social Media App?

THe Hub categorises content to make it easier to find information

Categorisation & Ease Of Use

The Hub is there to compliment existing social media platforms. At the moment, pro-independence information is fragmented. You have to either follow accounts on Facebook or Twitter to see when there is a new article, check EventBrite or Facebook for events, Indiegogo and Justgiving for fundraisers, The IndyApp for group information, Youtube for videos & the Independence Live website for upcoming livestreams.

The Hub simplifies this. Tap to follow the group. That's it. The Hub will tell you when there is something new. You don't have to go looking for content, the Hub will do it for you. Everything is categorised, and it has a very powerful search function to help you find what you want quickly. It has already archived over 45,000 pro-independence items.

Want to find out what events are in your area? It's there. The Hub will even give you travel directions, weather updates and a reminder notification 2 hours before it starts.

Want to listen to Lesley Riddoch's latest podcast? Go to the "Podcasts" area. Tap to listen with the in-built media player or download it to listen later.


The Main Purpose of The Hub

Receive notifications whenever a group posts a new article, video, event or podcast.

Share, Share, Share!

It's important we don't just talk to ourselves. Don't just follow Wings Over Scotland and nod in agreement. The Hub is a huge resource and it's built with the aim of not just harvesting information from around the net, but giving you the ability to re-share that information.

When you share something that's posted on the Hub, it shares the original link, direct to the source. This is important. When we want to try and convince people who voted No last time, a link to the source is far better than the link to something on a website called "The Hub".

The Yes Movement has a powerful tool in it's pocket. Together with the Indy App, we've got the building blocks of improved group involvement with each other and a central resource we can call upon to read, watch & listen to the facts. Something we did not have last time round.


How Do I Find Out More?

Join Us At The Hub

Head to https://thehub.scot and register a personal account (your name, not your groups name). Then do a search for your local group. We may have already added it! If not, add your group and fill in the details and let everyone know that you're live on the Hub.

Download Our Mobile App

Our free mobile app is available on Android and iOS. It's exactly the same information as the website but comes with the ability to view Youtube videos and livestreams in full screen within the app itself as well as stream podcasts via the notifications drawer. Oh, and the apps have those all important instant notifications! To find out more, please go to https://thehub.scot/apps

Further Information

If you have any questions, I can be contacted via email at [email protected]

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