This year has been the busiest period since The Hub started back in 2015. Our iOS app was released back in February & in September the Android app was updated to v3, which was followed by a massive redesign of the website. Work is ongoing to prepare an API that will allow anyone with app or web development knowledge to tap into the Hub's database and pull out any information they want.

Since 2015 the Hub has archived over 30,000 pieces of content from a large number of Yes groups and pro-independence websites. This includes embedding over 500 livestreams by Independence Live & discovering over 1,000 Yes/Pro-indy events that have been held around the country. Robin McAlpine of Common Weal recently said that in survey work carried out, the general public no longer saw or heard much from the Yes movement. This may be the case, but from what I've seen on the Hub, the movement hasn't gone away. There are discussions going on in individual Yes groups about effective campaigning methods, some are leafleting, and with the National Yes Registry's Indy App, groups are networking better and sharing ideas with each other. We're preparing ourselves for a second independence referendum. We're taking it seriously. The public will see and hear us again soon.

At the time of writing this, the 2017 fundraiser to pay for our server costs has reached 96% funding, which is absolutely fantastic. I'm delighted that people see this app & website as a valuable tool for the Yes movement. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

Here's a quick summary of the most popular items on the Hub this year:

Most Popular Group

There is no surprise that the main blogs & websites from 2014 are still the most read in 2017. Lesley Riddoch delivers some fantastic podcasts which you should definitely take time to listen to and James Kelly's analysis of political polling is second-to-none. Despite some troubles with people on social media, Bella Caledonia is a favourite of members on the Hub, but the two biggest followings belong to Wee Ginger Dug & Wings Over Scotland. Paul Kavanagh's word-play is a joy to read & Rev. Stu's continued demolition of the media's lies is an invaluable tool as we continue to fight the anti-independence main-stream media.

One interesting statistic is that Common Space have written over 1,200 articles this year. An incredible volume when you consider that the next most prolific group after them is the Scottish Government.

Most Viewed Article

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Most Watched Video

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Most Watched Livestream

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Most Listened to Podcast

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Event That Got Most Interest

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If you are interested in learning how to embed content or add our "share" button to your own websites, you can do so here: and select a page from the "Developers" option on the menu at the top of the site. And finally, if you've got a few spare pennies that you want to chuck our way, then you'll see our fundraiser below. Just tap the "£" button to be taken back to The Hub website and tap it again to donate.

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Thanks for everyone's support in 2017.

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