Our Android app has been updated to v2.4.4, which focuses primarily on podcasts. Previous versions of The Hub allowed you to listen to podcasts on a timeline post or by tapping the description to download the file to listen to offline.

Neither of these methods was particularly user-friendly. By forcing someone to listen to the podcast within the app, it prevents you from navigating to another area, or even turning your screen off and listening to it as you did other things. The other method of tapping to download, and then decide what to do with the file was pretty cubmersome and time consuming, especially if you just wanted to listen to the podcast there and then.

Today's update will bring up a persistent notification that will stream the podcast in the background when you tap "Listen Now" in the app. You can play/pause and dismiss the notification at any time. You can then navigate to other areas of the app or do other things with your device.

The roll-out of 2.4.4 is in progress, with devices updated throughout the day.

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