TheHub has had a few things added this month, so here's a quick summary to let you know all about them.

Improved Notifications

All mobile notifications you receive will contain more information. There are action buttons to allow you to listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos & plan a journey to an event.

Richer Shared Posts

When sharing an external webpage from the Android App or using our Chrome App, TheHub will attempt to get further details about the link, and format at it in a more presentable way.


Share to External Apps

On the theme of sharing, you can now share posts to external apps such as Facebook & Twitter. If you use our Android app, you can also share posts via WhatsApp.





New Logo & Sidebar Redesign

We've refreshed the sidebar slightly to make it look a bit nicer, and of course, we've got our brand new logo - our Saltire Butterfly, which is easily recognisable.


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