The Hub is a brand new social media platform that promotes Scottish Independence. The site has been in development since the referendum result in 2014 and is free for anyone to use, no matter what your political affiliation or thoughts on Scotland's constitutional situation..

The Hub is similar in layout and functionality to Twitter. You can tag people with a user handle, you can add hashtags, you can like, share & comment on posts. Below is a quick run-down of features.

  • A Twitter-style “core”, where people can follow each other, share, like & reply to user generated content (there is no character limit, however).
  • A “Groups” area, where people who run groups discussing Scottish politics can add their websites RSS feeds so when they publish an article on their own website it will also publish it in the group. People can follow these groups and receive notifications when new content arrives and then comment, share & like on it. RSS feeds can be added for articles, podcasts, Youtube videos & livestreams. These will be accessible on the group page and in a dedicated Media area.
  • Group owners can quickly toggle their account so they can post from a personal account or post as a group. This removes the need for multiple user accounts to be created and maintained. Instead one user account can create multiple groups.
  • Groups can be “verified” which means they are of significant importance. Verified groups will have new content from feeds posted every 5 minutes. Unverified groups will have content from feeds posted every 2 hours.
  • An “Events” area, which everyone can contribute to. Listing marches, hustings, talks or other gatherings around the country. The app will detect your location, and allow you to see events close to you. If you wish to attend an event, click the "Attend" button and The Hub will notify you close to the time it starts as well as giving you directions from your current location.
  • A dedicated “Media” area - again. You’ll be able to watch - and discuss - events as they are streamed. Podcasts can be listened to directly in the app, same with Youtube videos.
  • An intelligent suggestions area that will suggest groups to follow  based on people you follow/most popular
  • A resource of webscripts that website owners can place on their own sites including methods to embed a users timeline, an individual post and creating “like” and “share” buttons.

Anyone can register on TheHub, no matter what political affiliation they have. The only rule is that people are treated with respect.

Just registered? Read this!

If you've just registered on the site, then welcome!

If you are using our Android app the important first step is to join any Groups that might interest you. Whenever a group posts something, the app will send a notification to your device to alert you.

Secondly, have a browse around the Articles, Media & Events areas. Like, comment on and share anything you find interesting.

Third, follow some other members. By growing your network you'll also see what others have found around the web, helping you keep on top of the ever-evolving political landscape in Scotland.

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