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United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
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This is just a basic primer and bullet points of the mechanics and pictures of moments and systems, in time. They do not explain the full function of the EC system which is always on the quest for homeostasis, balance, equilibrium… and through this, allows us to be fully engaged in the flow of life.…
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+ScotGov These figures are appalling, it's time for the UK Government to have drug laws devolved to Scotland so that our civic minded politicians can try something else other than the current status quo of zero tolerance and criminalising people that may have substance abuse issues, treat the person don't punish them.
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Bye bye Westminster: Scotland's last UK election night coverage.

With Scotgoes pop blogger James Kelly!

Get the results of the General Election without all the Unionist bias! Unashamedly pro-independence discussion of the election results as they come in.
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A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.
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‘What does successful, community-led rural development look like in the globalised, networked world of the 21st Century? This question faces rural communities and governments I meet around the world and I often respond with the suggestion that they look to learn… Continue reading →
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+LiveIndyScot Can't watch says content blocked by wmg
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