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Reporter: Patience Magill Leading Yes campaigner and Scottish author and playwright Alan Bissett has cast doubt on Jeremy Corbyn’s credentials in Scotland. In an exclusive interview with Newsnet partner Phantom Power, Bissett confesses that Corbyn’s rise as Labour leader has had some appeal to left-leaning activists, including himself. Bissett came close to voting Labour in […]...
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She was called Diana Gould and came from Cirencester in Gloucestershire, a middle aged, middle class lady from the shires. She appeared on Nationwide in 1983 and was invited by Sue Lawley to put a question to the Falklands victor Margaret Thatcher. ‘Why’, she asked calmly, ‘when the Belgrano was outside the Total Exclusion Zone […]
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@ferryhill I imagine it'll be "if you don't take this drug, you can still work. So that's no longer a prescription" kind of thing.
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@Murchie So it'll be prescriptions "but not as we know them". Basically it'll only be drugs that can't be bought over the counter.
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