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Brian Phelps @delascas
Immigrant, Socialist, Wanderlust, FOSS advocate, Cryptography nerd, Co-ops, Allotment holder, Humanist & Vegetarian. American by birth - Scottish by choice!
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Even Panelbase— Blair McDougall (@blairmcdougall) November 13, 2021 "Even Panelbase."McDougall is really demeaning himself with that tweet - it echoes the nastiest and most wretched of Brit Nat trolls who peddle conspiracy theories about Panelbase, which in fact produces independence results typical of most firms.— James Kelly (@JamesKelly)...
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FINISHING yesterday, Yes Kirriemuir has just held 12 days of action to highlight the importance of Scottish independence to ensure Scotland meets its sustainability potential and maintain its high environmental standards.
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next year in 53 , I've lived in poverty as a child , always lived in social housing , married with 4 kids , In my lifetime ive never seen a government so full of hate, contempt , bitterness and lies , a tory government , funded by there billionare masters , with nothing but contempt for the poor, and working class .
Why is it , that the most kindest , compationet caring people ,are the people with...
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LIZ TRUSS at the foreign office. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

for tickets to see Jonathan Pie: FAKE NEWS 2021 go to
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📢💥If you're on Dunbar High Street Saturday morning between 10-12pm, look out for our blue stall & come and say G'day! #September18 #DayofAction #yesdunbar
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It's absolutely uncanny.  The five predictions I made about the poll Scotland in Union were trailing last night proved to be pretty much accurate - albeit the media can't seem to make up their minds whether it's a Survation poll or a Panelbase poll, and the tacked on SNP quote comes from a generic spokesperson rather than Keith Brown.Crucially, the latest installment of the Remain/Leave farce...
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We are a member-led campaign organisation run by members for members. Whether you’re in an indy party or Yes group or none, we all share the same goal. By uniting to share and coordinate our efforts, we can do this! Together by mass effort we really can make a difference. Enough. Enough of paralysis. Now is the time to make Scotland’s struggle for freedom visible on the world stage.
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