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The Scottish Government has published the draft Independence Referendum Bill, putting Scotland's future firmly in Scotland's hands.
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Stirling is set to receive over £1.3 million as part of Historic Environment Scotland’s continuing investment into Scotland’s shared built heritage. Part of the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS), Stirling joins 3 other Conservation Areas across Scotland in receiving funding; £762,101 will be invested in Dumfries; £1,113,949 in Dunbar; £1,240,000 in Helensburgh and £1,386,525 in...
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AFTER a worrying opinion poll and angry in-fighting within the SNP it’s time for the Yes Movement to unite around positive independence initiatives. Reports at the weekend brought news of developments which offer the chance to do just that. Believe in Scotland yesterday launched a major new billboard campaign in towns and cities across Scotland […]
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In a world seemingly mired in pessimism there were several chinks of optimistic light this week. Donald Trump, finally, appears to have accepted he lost the Presidential election, paving the way for a peaceful transition of power to Biden amd Harris with all that means not just for America but the world.  And the latest results of the joint Oxford University AstraZeneca vaccine trials look...
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Update on "Peoples Action Section 30" court case.

Martin and John will be monitoring the streams below to answser any questions you may have.

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For this St Andrews Day, the 8,500 Yes Stoners will have created & painted one million Yes Stones, and placed them around Scotland. Listen to three of them talking about how they got started and why they keep producing these stones.
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A few stones for Glasgow including a few from friends that I coerced in to Stoning 😉
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