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There is a great deal of interest in tactical voting strategies for this Holyrood election amongst independence supporters. There is also a great deal of misinformation being spread about the likely outcome.  Believe in Scotland is 100% political party neutral and does not support any specific party outcome. Our goal in compiling the poll of […]The post Poll of Polls – SNP majority...
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IndyCar Gordon Ross - 4.5.21 - Dominic Raab is at the G7 Talks in Londinium.

The "Angry man", Dominic Raab, hosts the G7. Summit in London this week, where thoughts of war and fears of "threats" from China are the only real topics of conversation. Absolutely no talk of climate crisis, or the Paris agreement at all....
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Things Change: Join Nicola, Evelyn, and Bruce on an EPIC journey towards the election and independence! 😃
Hi folks! I made this for the Evelyn Tweed election campaign in Stirling but also as a tribute to the marvelous Bruce Crawford who is retiring. It's a bit of fun but with a serious message. Please WATCH 📺 ENJOY👍 and SHARE 📢 And let's win this thing! 😀👍 GD
#indyref2 #YesWeCan
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