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OF all the feeble plans to stop a second referendum on Scottish independence and deny the democratic will of the Scottish people  – and there have been a bewildering and infuriating variety – none has been as vacuous and insulting as that put forward by the former UK Chancellor George Osborne in his column in […]
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@PurpleGrant Definitely something I want to get done for both iOS and Android. Not something that's too high up my priority list at the moment but I've wanted to do it for a while
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+TheHub Is there a dark/night mode on the cards any time?
Scotland's doing better in this crisis because there's a load of sensible middle aged women in charge. Get the mums on it. Get shit done. #Fact
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Important Info:
We have so far identified two support groups which have developed during this within Cumbernauld during this worrying time of crisis on Facebook. They are; Cumbernauld Resilience and Cumbernauld COVID-19 support group links to both are below, then there is some further important information and an excellent resource website from COVID-19: BALLACHULISH COMMUNITY SUPPORT
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THE recent report highlighting the failings of Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the quango charged with developing and promoting the Gaelic language in Scotland, has predictably turned in certain quarters into an excuse for attacking the Gaelic language itself.
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