Scottish families see the cuts to benefits coming. They need a party that stands up for them.

Today, during the #ScotlandBill debate, we saw the solitary Scottish Tory MP fail to tell us if they'll claim back Scottish Government benefit top-ups from claimants by calling it an "additional income" and cutting Universal Credit as a result.

We saw the solitary Scottish Labour MP, and the Labour party itself, vote AGAINST devolving tax credits, whilst at the same time demanding the SNP finds a way to mitigate its impact on Scottish families.

Tonight, Scotland saw a party fight for it's fellow countrymen, to try and protect them from the brutality of austerity. A party that Scotland put it's trust in, and gave an overwhelming mandate to march to Westminster, and to get us the powers we need.

When it comes to the Holyrood election, Scotland will remember this day. We'll remember who was there, in our corner. And we'll be voting accordingly.
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