Brexit is happening. And yes, it means independence is the least worst option. You either accept independence is better or accept being under Tory rule is better.

Scottish Labour are now at a crossroads where they have to choose which they'd prefer. There is no middle option here. There is no abstaining.

My challenge to Richard is to embrace self determination and independence. If the SNP Growth Commission is bad for Scotland, produce an alternative. In the first days of a new nation let's call an election and select the manifesto that suits what our country needs. Show Scotland what Labour would do differently if it were in charge of the country. That's the only way we'll reelect you back into Government.
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@Murchie Labour can't and won't change. The genetic make up of their members and followers are deluded. Their isn't 1socialist amongst them, full off people who are in it
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@Newburghgowfer They don't get that being a socialist party subservient to a Tory government isn't really appealing to us
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