A dangerous article from the BBC, making it sound like we should relax about the recent spike in cases, not least because cases also dipped in September then shot up again.

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@Murchie If only we had an impartial Scottish MSM outlet to fact check all of the nonsense (Scotland bad) propoganda coming from the BBC. This is urgently needed!
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@gerryphim It's a real concern how complicit the BBC are in all this. We are the only country in the world that is acting this way to Covid. The BBC should really question why this is, not write articles that approve of Government policy without question.

One other thing, why isn't Nicola Sturgeon talking about what she would do differently if she had the power to? It feels like Scotland is happy to go along with Westminsters horrific policy of needless deaths.
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@Murchie Yes, Dave, Nicola (her government) needs to be doing more on their own (acting like an independent country) instead of waiting for Boris' permission / funding or moaning about a lack of powers. The degree of inactivity across a range of fronts e.g COP26 representation and the referendum is becoming frustrating!
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