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James D @JamesPD
Someone who wants their country to be independent.
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Some of you reading this will have heard of The Hub - perhaps even used it - however a lot of people will be unfamiliar of what it is and why you should be using it. Put simply - The Hub is a social media platform, dedicated to Scottish Independence.… Continue Reading Campaigning With The Hub
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Serbia 1-1 Scotland (Scotland win 5-4 on penalties), 12 November 2020.
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The survey, by Survation, put support for independence at 54 per cent
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Readers may recall that this site is engaged in an ongoing attempt to clarify why the Scottish justice system is choosing to selectively only pursue those supportive of Alex Salmond for contempt of court with regard to his trial, while conspicuously turning a blind eye to those in the media who have committed exactly the […]
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The young graduate appeared on Kaye Adams on Aug 19th then appeared on Good Morning Scotland on Sept 15th.
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A new film celebrating the 700th anniversary of Scotland’s most important historic document - The Declaration of Arbroath
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