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Steven @Forresloon
Economics, done. Accounts, done. Grasp of inflation and the generation and regeneration of money. Yes? Without a doubt.
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A SCOTTISH businessman has vowed to hand out 1000 free milkshakes at his restaurants as Tory leadership hopefuls visit the city for party hustings.
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+ScotNational No. Civil servants who do the work maybe, but no need for yoons who add nothing.
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+ScotNational I'll pay more. I wimpered a bit. But I'm sure I'll manage to scrape by on 40k+. Plus I'm getting my money's worth with my parents and the NHS. Just don't waste it on higher wages. Improve, don't fritter.
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+ScotNational Bought my own property in 2009. Built in 2008. £24k Grant. Sale price 81500.

Now worth 88k. The grant went virtually entirely to the developer.
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