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Stuck in England, making plans to go home.
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The Brexit vote and now a Johnson victory has further propelled me away from the Union to Scotland’s Independence. I have spent a lot of time wrestling with my own conclusions on Scotland’s independence as I will always consider myself... Continue Reading →
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My complaint was received by the BBC on Friday 29th November. It was a simple one and could easily have been responded to in 10 working days as promised but it took until today, 17th December, after the election. Many readers will know that a damning report on midwifery in NHS England, was delayed andContinue reading "Reporting Scotland editor APOLOGISES for error in reporting hospital death but...
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Senior Labour figures have suggested in recent days that Scotland should have a new vote on the constitution.By The Canary
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Later this week I will publish the detailed democratic case for a transfer of power from Westminster to this Parliament to allow for an independence referendum that is beyond legal challenge.
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