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Ian Wilson @Cernunnos
Guitar, music, hills, wine and family not always in that order
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EMPTY supermarket shelves, gas shortages and a mass pig slaughter.
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Nick Robinson Tells Boris Johnson To 'Stop Talking' In R4 Interview - 5.10.21.
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Although I first joined the SNP in 1968, I didn’t become active till the 1970s. Then I campaigned in Council, Regional, Westminster and European Elections. Our expectations in most of these contests in the Central belt where I lived was to beat the Liberals or Tories into second or third place. I have stood for Read more about No You Won’t.[…] The post No You Won’t....
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I want to begin this article with a statement from Michael Gove. Asked in an interview with the Daily Telegraph whether there was “any circumstance” in which Johnson would approve a referendum before a May 2024 election, Gove said: “I don’t think so.” Asked whether his position was that “there will be no referendum before the 2024 Read more about Our Independence, Our Rules.[…]...
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Well I did something that I never thought I would ever do again, join a political party. I have been in two political parties in my 52 years and both ended up being highly disappointing experiences, not because of the … Continue reading →
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The Tories might be evil, but they’re not idiots. They do think YOU’RE a bit dim, though. Because firstly, even if that HAD been a careless slip-up, it would mean nothing to them. Even partially-alert readers recall Ruth Davidson’s insistence after the 2016 Holyrood election that Westminster shouldn’t block a second indyref after the SNP […]
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+ScotNational Just like he defended Cyril Smith
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Meet The Bloggers this week are Iain Lawson and Jason MichaelThe post Scottish Prism 30th Oct 2020 – Meet The Bloggers appeared first on BarrheadBoy.
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No section 30.
A new Act of Union
A new Internal Market bill
A review of Scottish legal jurisdiction.
These are the desperate attempts by a frightened London Regime, to wrest control over another country, by illegally abolishing terms of their own "precious Union".
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After this crisis has passed, a lot of things must surely change. Like guaranteed incomes for all who lose jobs or lose cash flows to their small businesses (about 80% of scottish businesses)

Tomorrow is the 700th anniversary of the founding of Scotland as we know it - a separate and autonomous nation from its...
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