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Andrew Bentley-Steed @BentleySteed
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+YesGlenrothes Why do questions about sovereignty, GRA and his support for the estates laying waste to Scotland's natural habitat and how we could be better protecting the future for our children cause him such discomfort that as an elected representative, Mr Wishart prefers to block independence supporters rather than try to persuade them why he believes as he does? For example, on Brexit Night, while many Scots gathered to mourn the end of an era, Pete Wishart and John Swinney enjoyed the hospitality of BASC just weeks before a vote on legislation to control persecution of the mountain hare... shooting estates take up 17% of Scotland's land mass, are owned by and employ less than 0.002% of her population and contribute less than 0.025% of our economic activity, for instance, but according to Revive Scotland, killed more than 100k small mammals in illegal traps.
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