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The SNP +theSNP
Scotland's largest political party and party of Government. Centre left and social democratic.
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From the Young Person's Guarantee to free bus travel and free tuition, we're removing barriers and creating opportunities for young people.

Every day through his actions, Boris Johnson demonstrates why he is unfit for office, never mind the office of Prime Minister
Scotland has world-leading climate targets, backed up by world-leading climate action too. Read more about our plan to tackle the climate crisis.
The pattern from this UK Tory government has been clear throughout the pandemic - it’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us.
The House of Lords has no democratic legitimacy and neither does Baroness Ruth Davidson.
Ian Blackford takes Boris Johnson and this Tory government to task for their history of racism and failure to stand up to actions of racists.
SNP MPs voted to reject the Tories' callous cuts to international aid and keep the promises to our fellow global citizens.
More than five years after the 2016 referendum, Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain in the EU has been ignored by successive UK governments, all determined to pursue the hardest of Brexits.
Nicola Sturgeon: “My job is not to take the easy decisions in a quest for popularity, it is to do what I think is most likely to keep the country safe as possible.”
Bereavement is a fact of life, and if grieving individuals could be assisted through better support, we could have a healthier society.
Tories say they want to prevent illegal crossings - but won't open up any safe and legal routes. They say they're 'compassionate' - but are cutting international aid for the vulnerable.
Vaccination is our best way to defeat the virus and save lives. From Monday 5 July, every mainland health board will offer drop-in vaccine appointments.
Nicola Sturgeon at the Austrian World Summit: "We have to be bold, and we have to be brave. We owe it to the generation growing up now to leave the planet in better shape for them."
Get both doses of the vaccine. Get tested regularly. Look after each other and stick with the guidelines.
It's a scandal that in the midst of the pandemic, Tory ministers were misusing emergency COVID contracts for constitutional campaigning - instead of saving lives.
This week, because of the Tory hostile environment, the lives of many of our fellow citizens could be changed forever.
There are very serious questions for Boris Johnson and Michael Gove to answer over how they siphoned off COVID money for political campaigning.
Politicians, officials, and people across Europe overwhelmingly support Scotland rejoining the EU after independence.
This week alone, there have been two examples of the ongoing corruption at the heart of this UK Tory government. The stench of corruption and cronyism is unavoidable.
Politicians, officials, and people across Europe overwhelmingly support Scotland rejoining the EU after independence.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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