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Scotland's largest political party and party of Government. Centre left and social democratic.
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COP26 is rapidly approaching, and the eyes of the world are on Glasgow. We’re ramping up our world-leading action higher still - because the climate crisis won’t wait.
World leaders must step up to avert climate catastrophe. Scotland is ready to lead by example at COP26.
In 2014, the UK government promised Scotland a new carbon capture and storage facility. Now, they've broken that promise and chose to divert funding to England instead.
James Withers, Scottish food and drink industry leader, says the UK government is "divorced from reality" on Brexit. From food shortages, to fuel shortages and rising prices, we're all paying for this Tory Brexit.
The difference between Holyrood and Westminster has never been more stark - but it's not too late for the UK government to U-turn on their Universal Credit cut.
Douglas Ross: “People have to be really clear that a vote for the SNP is a vote for another independence referendum”. Scotland voted SNP in record numbers, with the most votes any party has ever received in a Scottish election.
This Tory MSP tried to suggest that the damaging consequences of Brexit weren't of the UK government's making. He didn't expect Angus Robertson's response...
The Scottish Parliament united in passing the UNCRC Bill to strengthen children's rights. The UK government then took the Scottish Government to court to strike it down.
The Scottish Parliament. Anti-poverty charities. Children's commissioners in all UK nations. All six former DWP secretaries since 2010. All united in opposing the Universal Credit cut.
Nicola Sturgeon: "I hope we're finally at a watershed moment and a turning point where we stop expecting women to fix these problems, and put the full glare where it belongs - on men who behave in a deeply unacceptable and misogynistic way."
All parties in the Scottish Parliament united to reject the cruel Universal Credit cut that will push thousands into poverty. All parties apart from one - the Scottish Tories.
Scotland is paying a heavy price for a Brexit that Labour and Tories are now united in supporting. It's time to choose a different future.
This is a tale of two governments - the SNP Scottish Government that puts people first and works with them, and a Tory government that works against Scotland's interests and imposes its decisions on Scotland's people.
The UK government's Universal Credit cut slashes incomes of over a third of Scottish families by £1,040 overnight, pushing 60,000 people into poverty.
Read Angus Robertson's full parliamentary statement on the latest Brexit impacts in Scotland.
From delivering more affordable homes, tackling child poverty, and building a more equal society - we're delivering real progress for Scotland.
As Labour now backs Boris Johnson's hard Brexit, only the SNP stands up for Scotland's will to remain a European country.
Food shortages, fuel shortages, rising energy bills. The Tories can’t say they weren’t warned – but they chose to plough ahead with the hardest possible Brexit, and now we're all paying the price.
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