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The European Movement in Scotland is the foremost and longest-established pro-EU, pro-Europe, non-party political campaigning organisation in Scotland.
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"The EU has the opportunity to pave the way for the establishment of a stronger, better and value-based Europe in which its institutions and citizens are linked together."… Read More »
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​The Northern Ireland Protocol, a key but highly contentious element of the UK-EU post-Brexit deal, has caused enormous friction between Brussels, Dublin, Belfast and London.

It threatens to undo the peace settlement on the island of Ireland. It jeopardises the entire nexus of UK-EU relations. Can...
"A declaratory system could have avoided all this (hassle/pain). Maybe the rules could at least be changed for children?" writes Larissa Slaney… Read More »
His Twitter thread went viral. Now our executive committee member Richard Haviland adds a greater European twist here...… Read More »
"For me the question now is: how do we all move on from this? How can we, Brits and EU citizens in the UK, build bridges and trust again?"… Read More »
'Johnson’s protocol is set to poison relations between the UK, Ireland and the European Union for years to come and his name will forever be linked to it. Frost’s own long bad dream is only just beginning.… Read More »
Jenny Gilruth MSP (SNP), Mid-Fife and Glenrothes, and Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development is the guest speaker at Fife4Europe’s monthly meeting.

Topics include various post Brexit issues, including progress on physical proof of Settled Status, the Government’s efforts on Erasmus+, the...
The Saltire Scholarship scheme has been designed to help ease the negative impact of Brexit on student numbers. … Read More »
Our colleagues at European Movement International give this snapshot of EU media opinion on the Brexit-induced crises afflicting the UK: This week’s headlines focus on the shortage of truck drivers in… Read More »
Germany went to the polls on Sunday September 26 after 16 years of Angela Merkel as Chancellor and, arguably, the most powerful European leader.

As the most populous country and biggest economy in the EU, the change of leadership and government in Germany will have huge impact on the EU.

We will be examining the...
David Gow sets the scene for Wednesday's special EMiS webinar with a brief analysis of Sunday's German election results.… Read More »
"To reach the Green Deal goals, a green and just transition needs to be prioritised, thus decision-makers have to commit to an ambitious and comprehensive framework that permeates all policy areas. The EU must encourage the active participation of civil society at all stages of the transition." (EMI)… Read More »
In the latest European Conversation from EMiS and SCER Kirsty Hughes talks to leading Scottish commentator, journalist and author Neal Ascherson about the risk of war in Europe, relations with Russia – and why the drive for Scottish independence in Europe is stalled.
Editor and executive member David Gow reflects on how Brexit wrecked his dream of being a full European citizen and vows to regain his stolen identity.… Read More »
Poland and the EU are at loggerheads over rule of law issues/recovery plan grants – our friends at European Movement International report...… Read More »
It appears that the “sunlit uplands” we were promised that Brexit would deliver are maybe not as sunlit as we were led to believe.… Read More »
"Merkel era to become clearer. Obviously, Green participation in any government in Berlin might be beneficial for Holyrood’s new SNP-Scottish Greens tandem but expectations should be kept low."… Read More »
It will remain one-sided until the Europeans start thinking strategically. This means taking an unjaundiced look at its capabilities, at its intelligence structures, at its different cultures that inhibit cohesion and solidarity, and the aims of development aid.… Read More »
The UK forced Brexit on an unwilling Scotland – and Scotland is paying the price of defeat, writes Jackie Kemp in her latest Letter from Scotland. The annual Government Expenditure… Read More »
Meanwhile, logistics experts took to posting anonymously on social media about their distress and frustration caused by the “goat rodeo”  and “sickening” situation they face getting exports out. … Read More »
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