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The European Movement in Scotland is the foremost and longest-established pro-EU, pro-Europe, non-party political campaigning organisation in Scotland.
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This is the text of a talk given by EMiS executive member David Gow to the recent Grassroots for Europe webinar on the Four Nations’ responses to Erasmus-Plus/Turing: After a… Read More »
Very helpful advice from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants… Read More »
In the latest European Conversation from EMiS and SCER Kirsty Hughes talks to leading Scottish commentator, journalist and author Neal Ascherson about the risk of war in Europe, relations with… Read More »
'Nowhere in the article by the two ministers is there even a hint that they take responsibility for the Protocol they hint of either contrition, or constructiveness, in the article of Lord Frost and Brandon Lewis . . . just menace."… Read More »
Alyn Smith MP writes: I was shocked to learn last week that the Home Office has a backlog of 400,000 settled status applications, up from just over 300,000 earlier this month. And the… Read More »
Fife4Europe talks to Neale Hanvey about his action on Settled Status and other issues.

16 June 2021
With only ten days left until the end of the EU Settled Status Scheme, Citizens’ Rights Project are intensifying their efforts to provide help to those who haven’t applied yet… Read More »
The European Movement International has been allocated three seats in the Conference on the Future of Europe Plenary, as part of the eight civil society representatives. We have been discussing… Read More »
Kirsty Hughes analyses the range of Scotland’s relationships with the EU, and the Scottish government’s European strategy, in the context of both the new post-Brexit reality and of continuing constitutional… Read More »
'Potentially hundreds of thousands of EU citizens could be left in legal limbo on 1 July following the end of the EU Settled Status scheme, a new academic report by UK in a Changing Europe finds.'… Read More »
EMiS and its local groups are urging the UK government to extend the June 30 deadline for EU Nationals to apply for settled/pre-settled status and highlighting the problems the quarter of a million in Scotland may be experiencing.… Read More »
How did a small country like Ireland achieve such prominence in the European Union?

Ireland joined the European Union in the same year (1973) as the UK but their paths have diverged enormously since then. The UK has left the EU but Ireland has not only stayed but seen its influence in Brussels grow exponentially in...
Fife4Europe in conversation with Lloyd Austinen, vironmental policy analyst and advocate, at their monthly meeting, about the impact of Brexit on the environment.

20th May 2021
EU nationals are being treated like state security risks by Priti Patel's abominable Home Office. This must stop!… Read More »
"I look forward one day to a reassertion of that Britain: to its unqualified openness to other people, backgrounds, beliefs and ideas, including friendship with neighbouring countries; to a restored recognition that true sovereignty is something to be judiciously deployed and sometimes shared..." A leading Irish ex-ambassador on Britain, Brexit and the EU… Read More »
Brexit has seriously damaged Scotland's fishing industry. EMiS Council Member David Brew will lead an interactive Zoom session for members and supporters to explore the highways and byways of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the Brexit effect on Scottish fisheries.

David is a former senior civil servant who...
The European Movement in Scotland celebrates #EuropeDay2021 with a special tribute to the EU's role in promoting peace, democracy and prosperity across our continent from our own activists.
The European Movement in Scotland celebrates #EuropeDay2021 with a special tribute to the EU’s role in promoting peace, democracy and prosperity across our continent from our own activists. They join… Read More »
We launch our latest campaign to celebrate and reaffirm Scotland's European identity. Eurowalks take in visits to/stops at links ancient and modern between Scotland and mainland Europe..… Read More »
EU27 leaders at their Porto social welfare summit in Portugal endorsed far-0reaching and ambitious plans to protect workers during and after the pandemic.… Read More »
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