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The European Movement in Scotland is the foremost and longest-established pro-EU, pro-Europe, non-party political campaigning organisation in Scotland.
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Derek Glen, local SNP councillor, was the guest speaker at Fife4Europe's monthly meeting on 28 April 2022.
"Though it saddens me beyond words to say it, it’s some years now since I could say I felt proud to be British. To those fake patriots who’d ask me why I hate my country so much, I’d answer that I don’t: I just hate what they’ve done to it."… Read More »
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will once again contest the final round of the French presidential elections as they did in 2017 when Macron won easily by 66% to 33%. But this time could be different after the first round of voting showed the incumbent president ahead of her by some 5 points – and projections...
JMacron, as he has done since he became Prime Minister in 2019? Or does he look for a post-Brexit entente cordiale and set UK-France relations on a new trajectory… Read More »
"If we want to end our reliance on gas—Russian or otherwise—we need to end the relationship between the industry and decision-makers, cutting fossil-fuel interests out of our political system."… Read More »
Mike is a leading commentator on the impacts of Brexit. In 2015 he founded the group Scientists for EU and has been a vocal critic of the impact that Brexit has had on Science in the UK. More recently he has joined the European Movement as a Campaigns Strategy Advisor, helping to plan national campaigns in a bid to...
In the first of our new section, Scotland’s EuropeanStories, Jo Goodburn and Vanessa Glynn, both executive members of the European Movement in Scotland (EMiS), recount how they were instrumental in… Read More »
In the latest of our European Conversations podcasts, Kirsty Hughes talks to Galina Pastukh, deputy director of the Ukrainian think tank Texty, about the dreadful war in her country, including the latest atrocities in and around Bucha - crimes against humanity that the Russian authorities have labelled "theatre" and "provocations" fabricated by Ukrainians.Galins talks passionately and knowingly...
Hungary, an outlier in the EU over the rule of law and support for Russia, goes to the polls on Sunday with Viktor Orban facing a real challenge...… Read More »
"The EU’s geopolitical awakening must not lead to a more introverted gaze, focusing on European capabilities and resilience, at the expense of engagement with the wider world."… Read More »
"Unfortunately, parts of the left remain mired in a pathology which weakened it morally and politically during the cold war—‘campism’," writes Sheri Berman.… Read More »
Mike Russell pays tribute to his fellow EMiS co-president John Purvis, a former Conservative MEP, who died at the weekend after a courageous fight against cancer.… Read More »
"The most urgent priority must be to bring this war to an end, to shape a peace that defends the right of self-determination of the Ukrainian people, even if they may need to prioritise economic links with Europe over military ones, and then to rebuild Ukraine, writes Geraint Talfan Davies… Read More »
Liz Smith, MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, was the guest speaker at Fife4Europe's monthly meeting on 3rd February 2022.
The implications of the war in Ukraine will be far-reaching: for the Ukrainian people first of all, but also for the role of democratic rules in the global order, for the redrawing of the map of Europe and the future of the European project.… Read More »
The Scottish Conservatives have distanced themselves from Boris Johnson over #partygate. But where do they stand now over Brexit and relations between Scotland and the UK with the European Union and Europe? Do they fully support the Prime Minister's approach? Or would they adopt a more conciliatory approach to...
Statement approved unanimously by the EMiS executive at its meeting on 9 March 2022… Read More »
A thread by Richard Haviland The Home Office has waited until just days before a crucial debate in the House of Lords to reject a proposal from @the3million for addressing the problems caused… Read More »
Our colleagues at EMI set out their proposals for how the EU should handle the crisis/conflict in Ukraine… Read More »
What we can all do to help our fellow Europeans in Ukraine (h/t EMUK). We will add to this in days/weeks ahead...… Read More »
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