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The European Movement in Scotland is the foremost and longest-established pro-EU, pro-Europe, non-party political campaigning organisation in Scotland.
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The European Court of Human Rights and the Convention that goes with it are very much inspired by post-War British politicians and thinkers. Yet some Conservatives and others would like to reduce its role - in some cases to the point of the UK leaving both.

Dominic Raab, restored to his post as Justice Secretary, is...
Kirsty Hughes discusses with Frans Schepers, executive director of Rewilding Europe ( what rewilding is and can be and how letting nature be in control rather than humans controlling nature can contribute to reversing the deep losses of biodiversity and contribute to climate goals. “Wild nature should be an important part of modern Europe.”Rewilding Europe has ten...
"In our recommendations for a European response to the war in Ukraine, we call upon the EU to seize this moment of unity and solidarity and develop a fully-fledged European Defence Union (EDU), through the harmonisation of European armed forces under full control of national parliaments and the European Parliament to ensure peace across the European continent," urges EMInternational… Read...
The Scottish Government's latest paper on preparing for independence puts EU membership at the heart of its case. This has implications for energy policy. Here is a brief summary of Scottish and EU positions. EMiS is neutral on the question of independence but supports the Rejoin EU policy.… Read More »
The Scottish Government’s latest paper in the series preparing for independence puts Rejoin the EU at the heart of its plans. EMiS supports this but remains steadfastly neutral on the… Read More »
Mark Ruskell, Green Party MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, was the guest speaker at Fife4Europe's monthly meeting on 10th October 2022.
On the day of the first big Rejoin the EU march in London, we publish a critical summary of the Scottish Government's position (so far) on an indy Scotland in the EU as set out in its latest paper in the Building a New Scotland series.… Read More »
The Scottish Government has published a new paper in the Building a new Scotland series, the third, this time proposals for the economy under (potential) independence with rejoining the EU… Read More »
As Scotland contemplates the merits of a disUnited Kingdom, ex-Taoiseach John Bruton examines the history of and case for a united Ireland.… Read More »
The EU "faces the difficulty of overcoming internal divisions to make progress on enlargement, security policy and institutional reform...." These debates affect UK interests. "A policy of hostility or indifference to them ignores the UK’s own foreign policy interests and would leave us incapable of influencing their evolution."… Read More »
"...immediate participation in this new European Political Community would bring the big symbolic plus of showing that a newly independent Scotland is not just outside in the cold...Scotland’s leader would be at the table with the other 44 countries.'… Read More »
The Greens endorsed Rejoin (and interim steps) at their conference last week: here's the motion overwhelmingly endorsed...… Read More »
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Belarus opposition leader and its rightful president, spent two days in Scotland winning support for her country's democratic struggle - allied to the heroic resistance of Ukrainians to Russia's monstrous invasion. We report on her visit here...… Read More »
The departure of Boris Johnson, the architect of Brexit, and his replacement as Prime Minister by Liz Truss, a Remainer turned Brexiteer, could enable a reset in the UK's troubled relations with the EU. But this is unlikely - with substantial knock-on effects for Scotland where pro-Remain/-Rejoin support is around 70%...
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, awarded the EU's Sakharov Prize in 2020 for freedom of thought, is widely recognised as the real winner of that year's presidential election in Belarus – a country infamous as Europe’s last dictatorship. The election laid bare Belarusian democracy as a sham.

In this joint event with...
Executive member Vanessa Glynn remembers plans (that never came to fruition) for Gorbachev to visit Scotland during his memorable first trip to the UK.… Read More »
We need you to send a clear message to Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak. On Day one, they need to commit to doing everything in their power to stop a trade war and work with our European neighbours.… Read More »
While visiting relatives in London, I was invited to give an interview to Times Radio yesterday, writes John Bruton.  It was a great chance to speak to to an English… Read More »
We pay tribute to two of our leading campaigners who have sadly died in recent weeks after lifetimes of dedication to the European cause.… Read More »
EMUK is spreading the word about the breadth of opposition to Brexit/support for Rejoin across the country. Here's a letter from Wales.… Read More »
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