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With an independence referendum coming, it is time to start preparing a grassroots organisation to campaign for our independence.
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If you keep compromising to a Tory (regretfully or gleefully), you’re a Tory – whether you admit it or not. Robin McAlpine
📣 We are opposed to the manufacturing, hosting and use of Nuclear weapons and call for the removal of WMDs from day one of Scotland being re-established as an independent nation 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 ➡️

#ALBAforIndependence | #ScottishIndependence
From ALBA East Lothian.

"Following on from the ALBA East Lothian Book Launch we are delighted that our next meeting on the 12th of October at 7.30pm will be an open meeting with Sara Salyers from Salvo speaking and answering questions on the Claim of Right.

The meeting will be held over zoom, anyone who wants to know more about a possible route to Scottish independence, please email...
This is ridiculous.

Do we all get a chance to vet any new legislation and get it change it we don't like it.

"KING Charles has been allowed to vet and potentially lobby for changes to emergency legislation to freeze rents in Scotland because it could affect tenants on the Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire."

KING Charles has been allowed to vet and potentially lobby for changes to emergency...
ALBA MP, Kenny MacAskill's expose was front page of The Herald yesterday.

“At a time when Scots are struggling to pay their energy bills, renewable energy in Scotland is being switched off. Perversely, energy suppliers are paid more for that than for producing energy. As offshore wind comes on stream, the great energy switch off will only increase. The cost to the public purse will soon...
"Branding this the “Great Energy Switch Off” Mr MacAskill is calling on the UK and Scottish Government to end the “absurdity” of tax payers paying wind farms astronomical sums to switch off energy in the midst of an energy crisis, when Scots families are struggling to pay their bills, and the “perversity” of wind farms being paid even more during the winter months."

For immediate...
Today, Saturday the 1st of October 2022, the day energy prices rise again, Kenny MacAskill MP for Eat Lothian spoke at the Edinburgh End Fuel Poverty Coalition demonstration outside the UK Government Offices at Sibbald Walk, Edinburgh.

Kenny MacAskill MP spoke about how the fuel crisis is not just about heating or cooking but literally about staying alive. The most vulnerable in society are being...
Colin Fox speaking at the Edinburgh End Fuel Poverty Coalition today.

Hewas making the point that pensioners on the basic state pension will now be spending 40% of it on their energy bills.
Better get our skates on.
See you there.

Right troops, todays itinerary.
RMT picket line at Waverly Station 10am
Anti poverty demo at UK Govt buildings 12 noon
AUOB march from Johnstone Terrace to march to Holyrood 12.30.
"ALBA Party Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has today (Friday) hit out at the UK Government accusing them of “betrayal” over its plans to provide £100 in aid to households who rely on unregulated fuels such as heating oil as their main source of domestic heating. This was confirmed to Mr MacAskill in an answer to a parliamentary written question by the UK Minister for Climate, Graham Stuart...
Not long to wait for ALBA East Lothian's meeting
7.30 tonight at the Fraser Centre, come along! All welcome.
Well Liz Truss said she was going to ignore Scotland when she was PM and she definitely means to.

Her first interviews after crashing the economy, almost destroying pension funds, and making the UK a laughing stock were on English local radio networks only.

Liz Truss says the government had to move quickly to reduce the tax burden and "get the economy going".
We knew Liz Truss would be a disaster as PM but to crash the UK economy in your first full week of being PM, ignoring the time for mourning, is unbelievable.

The worst budget in living memory, possibly the worst budget ever, has lead to unprecedented warnings from the IMF and the White House, a fall in the value of the pound and now the Bank of England buying Goverment Bonds to stop a full on...
FORMER First Minister Alex Salmond will speak at The Fraser Centre in Tranent on Thursday (September 29) at 7.30pm to launch the Wee ALBA Book.
All welcome.

ALBA East Lothian is holding a Wee ALBA Book Launch on Thursday the 29th of September at 7.30pm. We are delighted to have Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill speaking.

More details are below, or at
where you can RSVP if you are coming
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