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With an independence referendum coming, it is time to start preparing a grassroots organisation to campaign for our independence.
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"Humza Yousaf has been a failure in every job he’s had in government, and now he’s basically in charge of every department at once when he’s proven himself unable to handle any one of them at a time.

He was the “continuity candidate” of a party that pretty much everyone agrees is currently a radioactive bin fire of corruption, incompetent and chaos, so we can only assume its members...
ALBA Depute Leader, Kenny MacAskill MP reveals new figures that show half a million Scots homes are off the gas grid.


'Its independence or the status quo" affirms ALBA Depute Leader, Kenny MacAskill MP.

"The suggestion that Scotland isn’t ready for independence is just absurd. Scotland’s better equipped now than at any point in recent history and on that logic 2014 would never have come about. Of course, challenges remain but the risk of staying has increased as the UK economy tanks, and Britain becomes an...
ALBA Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill reacted today (Wednesday) to the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s refusal at Prime Minister’s Questions to uprate the pitiful £200 payment for households, off the gas grid, that are reliant on alternative energy sources, such as heating oil, as their sole or main source of domestic heating. He has also condemned the failure to extend the...
Wings have conducted a poll which clearly shows GRR puts people off independence.

".. if Humza Yousaf wins, becomes the next First Minister and spends the next year or more fighting the UK government in court over the Gender Recognition Reform bill – keeping such a wildly unpopular policy firmly in the news and in the public eye – the damage that’s already been done to the independence...
Kenny MacAskill MP comments on the East Lothian Council budget setting a 7% increase in Council Tax.

We need more radical solutions to the funding problems ELC faces.
"Ash Regan offers the opposite view. She espouses precisely what I have advocated on this website for a decade – that Scotland’s elected representatives should declare Independence, as has been the normal and accepted route to Independence, in a world where over half the states have become Independent during my lifetime.

So SNP members have the clearest choice. If they vote for Humza they are...
Is it possible to wrestle the SNP free?
"Humza bottled the gay marriage vote and came up with a really unpleasant ruse to justify it, profiting from the suffering of someone on death row.

For him then to attack kate Forbes for her views on gay marriage – which are at least honest – is sickening."

In their urgency to foist Sturgeon’s nominated devolutionist successor on Scotland, the media are going all out against Kate Forbes...
"MacAskill warned that the “absurdities we’ve seen in the women’s prison estate haven’t occurred in a vacuum”, adding: “They are part of a wider ideology and that needs to be rolled back. As well as stopping the most appalling abuse of vulnerable women prisoners, there are countless other areas of life where reassessment is required."
"So what do we do? There’s only one viable answer, and it’s this: from now on, EVERY election contested by the SNP has to be a de facto referendum.

What that means in practice is both simple and unremarkable. Every SNP manifesto has to start with a single line that says “Regardless of all other policies, every vote for the SNP in any election will be regarded as a vote for independence.”
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