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We are campaigning for the Shetland electorate to vote Yes in the next referendum to win Scotland it's independence. Join us!
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BUSTER - Shetland's Cat Rampant

Would Johnson's Tory government remove a pro-indy post by one of his own Dept for International Trade staff, Mr Geoffrey Chapman?


Would the prime minister "refuse to deny" his government demanded the post be removed?

And do we know why they'd all follow this course of action?

YES - pure and simple.


Update: within 24 hrs the UK Government seems to...

RICHARD Leonard has quit as Scottish Labour leader after three years in the role.
MONTY - Shetland's Cat Rampant


"Politicians in Westminster seem to have spent as much time and effort on protecting the union as they have trying to secure a deal - however bad - on Brexit.

Seems odd with so many bigger fish to fry at this juncture?

Not really.

Whilst a few Tories reject a "no deal", Johnson need have no fear of losing any vote at the dispatch box with the full...
Mr Rennie wishes you to contact him....

Tell Willie Rennie your thoughts and priorities for the next year!
BUSTER AND MONTY - Shetland's Cats Rampant

Scotland Bottom Again!

"Just a peerie graph which sums up all the hard work and sacrifices made by 5.4 million citizens in self-preservation.

If you understand the principles and mechanics of our voting system (and not a great many do) you might be voting tactically in next year's election.

For many other voters it's a simple 1/2 vote for the SNP.
BUSTER - Shetland's Cat Rampant

"Six rock-solid polls in a row are with YES.

72% are satisfied with Nicola Sturgeon, her highest ever rating.

(19% are satisfied with Johnson, is lowest ever rating.)

SNP constituency vote up at 58%.

SNP regional vote up at 47%.

Since the FM has pledged her own career by stating a vote for her and the SNP leading to a majority, is a clear mandate for a...
BUSTER & MONTY - Shetland's Cats Rampant

Buster and Monty - Shetland's Cats Rampant


"Throughout the pandemic, one leader in Britain has done all in her power to protect her citizens.

It should be the first duty of every leader in every country to protect the people.

New Zealand, Greece, Scotland.....the list is long of those in power doing just that.

England and the USA are not on the list as neither leader...
BUSTER - Shetland's Cat Rampant


"Scotrail is a young, national railway company at only 37 years old.

The youngest in the world possibly?

It has achieved more in four decades than British Railways did in 100 years.

And accelerated this progress in the last ten.

New stations have been built from nothing and older stations rebuilt or modernised.

Conon Bridge had a new station in...
BUSTER - Shetland's Cat Rampant

"Hanging onto the knicker elastic of Crackson Carcrash, another anti-Scottish Tory attempts political to score political points out of illness, death and financial ruin.

Did he succeed?" A SCOTTISH Tory has been panned for his “bizarre” claim that the coronavirus crisis is an advert for the strength of the Union.
MONTY & BUSTER - Shetland's Cats Rampant

MONTY - Shetland's Cat Rampant

"It wasn't a covid mask Donald, it was BS 8233:2014 soundproof."
BUSTER and MONTY - Shetland's Cats Rampant


JUNE WILSON wrote to us about her own situation the other day (see "Incubation Weekend").

We thought it worthy of repeating.

"I haven't left my home for a month and I'm not bored yet.

I've been catching up with things I told myself I was too busy to do when the truth is there were other things I wanted to do MORE, I've done some...
MONTY & BUSTER - Shetland's Cats Rampant


Nicola Sturgeon FM :-
BUSTER - Shetland's Cat Rampant

"The virus can't move of you don't."
BUSTER - Shetland's Cat Rampant


"You may remember during the opening of the trial involving Alex Salmond there was a journalist banned from covering the story.

Craig Murray is his name, a well-known, widely respected, fully trained and qualified journalist.

Very well-known in YES circles too.

Why was he banned.

Read this and you'll see why no "?" is required." Judith Mackinnon...
BUSTER - Shetland's Cat Rampant


"When Britannia Hotels decided to instantaneously discard all their staff, throw them out of their accommodation and make them homeless, another group - MacDonald Hotels - offered every single one help.

Britannia's disgusting behaviour was rightly condemned by politicians, the tourist industry, the public etc.

A degree of planning had...
BUSTER - Shetland's Cat Rampant


"The Coylumbridge Hotel management issued staff with a dismissal notice and told them to get out of their accommodation, rendering some homeless.

No government has ever said action of this kind should be taken by any company.

One thing this hotel can't be described as being is "highland".

It is part of Britannia Hotels in Manchester, whose...
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