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Is Scotland capable of acting as an independent legal entity? We say, YES!
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Well, Scotland's oil revenues built today's London. Now our renewable energy is powering it.
Meanwhile, Norway is the richest country in the world...
Putting it into some perspective. And just WHERE did that money go? Answers on a postcard please...
At least there is one Tory willing to tell it like it is.
Not difficult to spot the more caring Government...
Live in Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders? Given up on BBC Scotland to give you unbiased news? Want to know what is going on in the rest of Scotland instead of events in Cumbria? Got a dish? Thank you sports fan for your letter in our local papers.
As published in this week's Moffat News...
The blunt truth about that oft used phrase.
After all the euphoria of the Yoons and the lies of the MSM over these last few weeks, just a wee reminder...
My goodness what's this! A small north European independent country of about 5 million people yet again the happiest in the world, closely followed by two other 'wee' independent countries . The UK proudly sinking to 19th. Well done to the Mail for managing a positive headline !!

The nation, which is home to 5.5million people, has held the title, granted by the World Happiness Report, for...
Ever wonder why England wants to keep us and the E.U. want us back?
Latest update to one window of the Moffat Hub. Catching the eye of folk passing by on Well Street.
This week's edition of the Moffat News featuring details of last Saturday's 'Indy Curious' event
Scones, cakes and a cup of tea. Yes Moffat welcomed passers by to drop in to the Yes Hub in Well St on Saturday and to have a chance to talk about Scotland's future..
When corruption at high level in a country becomes so common that it becomes the norm, it's time to move on. Small countries like Scotland, with governments elected by the people who actually live in the country, has to be the way forward.

NEW RESULTS: Britain has slumped to its lowest-ever position in Transparency International’s global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

Latest scores...
Why oh why do we put up with this???
U.K.? That'll be the Undemocratic Kingdom then.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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