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Is Scotland capable of acting as an independent legal entity? We say, YES!
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Thanks to the YesBikers for Scottish Independence great be to see you in Moffat today
A sunny day here in Moffat for the national Yes network day
This is surely the headline in the Times (11th sept 2021) to share with a friend, colleague or family member who is not quite yet totally Yes. Johnson wants to still be around as PM until at least 2031 and outdo Thatcher. Scotland, we can do so much better in control of our own future.
A brief but pointed letter in the Annandale and Dumfries papers this week. It would be interesting to hear from the local farming community about the impact of cheap New Zealand and Australian beef, lamb and dairy products coming here as a result of the UK Government agreed deal. The envoys appointed by Westminster to facilitate the deal - Ian Botham with Australia and David Mundell with New...
Not all letters submitted to the local papers are published.. This one didn't make the Moffat News/Annandale Herald/Observer/Dumfries Courier. We can simply speculate as to why it missed the cut !
Meanwhile on another planet --
Could these be the golden rules for moving as many from No to Yes? Facts, facts, facts, with an understanding and respect for other views as well as our own. We can't win over everyone but we can change enough minds (even in D and G.) We are not alone - Scotland has an opportunity to grasp.
This letter, in the Dumfries and Galloway Standard, accompanied by that eye catching pic of the UK Prime Minister standing on a giant St George's Cross flag in Downing Street. Interesting to know what Standard readers make of the Minister for the Union showing his true colours.
Why not save this picture - officially released in July 2021 by Downing Street. Save it mentally and physically to surface again when the 'one nation under the Union Flag' argument is used (as it has been and will be !!)
What only 5!! Lots more coming as support for Indy grows

The Westminster government has been bouncing from one bonkers blunder to another in recent days. Here are our top five of its crazy ideas. 1: Suggesting giving Scots living outside Scotland a vote in the second independence referendum Senior Tories are reported to be urging Prime Minister Bori
After several letters about why D and G should strangely find itself in England after Scottish Independence, today's letter in the Moffat News and Annandale Herald is a reminder of just some of the reasons why we would want to live in a fair, open and progressive country. Scotland
An acceptance of the inevitable?

There’s an astonishing lack of thinking about how to address the radical implications of Britain’s disintegration, asks university lecturer Alex Niven
Nothing stands still. As lockdown eases, the journey to independence continues with renewed energy.

  Believe in Scotland, is calling on the grassroots Yes movement to join in a massive day of campaigning after lockdown ends. Our crowdfunder is in its last week and the first £50,000 of donations were matched pound for pound by business donors so we hit our £50,000 target and business donor...
Some radical action recommended and much achievable within existing devo powers. Cross party progress possible in some areas. Lets see how quickly things can start to move.

THE SNP’s ambitious plans to establish a “fairer Scotland” have been revealed in a new report.
With this core vote Indy can be achieved even in the South. It can and will be done.
So after that resounding victory for Indyref2 supporters the fight goes on. We won't give in, as someone once said "the dream shall never die"
Bring it on 👏👏

People across Scotland are heading to the polls today, but it could be some time before we know who has won the Holyrood election.
So many polls - just one will count but this summary of polls to date is worth a read to try to understand what Scotland is thinking just now.

There is a great deal of interest in tactical voting strategies for this Holyrood election amongst independence supporters. There is also a great deal of misinformation being spread about the likely outcome. Believe in Scotland is 100% political party...
Almost a dead heat. Every single vote will count on Thursday.
You may wish to sign the letter - link below

We are Europeans from across the continent and around the world. We want the people of Scotland to know thatContinue readingEurope for Scotland
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