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Is Scotland capable of acting as an independent legal entity? We say, YES!
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High energy bills! This is why we pay more and will pay more whilst we stay in the UK. What we need to know and why Scotland has to have control over our own power supplies. Save this article for future use

In some countries, households are paying far less for the cost of heating their homes. Sky News looks at where bills are lower and how energy policies compare with the UK.
A nation of equals? Scotland and its people are being robbed. Why, why, why do we put up with this?????
Looking for branded beans? Mmm, not on this menu...
Ok, the UK taken as a whole but we know who is providing, and will provide, the most wind power with new offshore wind. (Don't forget tides and waves and hydro as other resources). Just look at the small countries of Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania and Luxembourg in that top 10. We have the potential to be No 1. Let's go Scotland

Wind and solar make up 10% of the world’s electricity....
'Bullish Boris back on track as red wall keeps faith' headlines the Mail today. Wow! Did we miss something in the voting results? Scotland we can do so much better. If we can't drain the Westminster swamp maybe we just walk away from it.
The 'broad shoulders' of Scotland supporting UK renewable power supplies. Todays letter in Dumfries and Annandale local press.
Just a reminder of the burden Scots carry.
Irish and other EU citizens, along with Schengen countries such as Norway, straight through. Huge queues at passport control for Brits (sadly including Scots who didn't vote for this) All waiting for a chance to get that nice new blue British passport stamped. Here comes the summer!!

Malaga Airport passengers have been warned of huge delays causing missed flights.
A salient question for our soft No friends.
Two letters from local scribes which appeared in this week's Moffat News, Annandale Observer and in the Dumfries Courier
Another one to share with our soft No friends.
Maybe you should think again Mr Mundell
This excerpt of an article found by David Howdle of Dumfries succinctly sums up the activities of this Tory government. Worth Sharing!!

In the April 7 edition of The New European magazine, the comedian and satirist Mitch Benn asserts: “In the space of the last 12 months, the Conservative Party has turned out to be: the party of dirty Russian money; the party of £840-a-roll gold wallpaper; the...
The Yes Moffat Hub windows now updated with Ukrainian colours plus some facts on power generation in Scotland and England
Well now. This might actually be funny if it didn't show some very serious issues.
Scotland, like every other country, should be in charge of its own energy writes this contributor to a local newspaper in Dumfries and Galloway. Indeed. There is only one way to achieve this.
Mmm. A conundrum. If you or I were to take £1000s from a Russian oligarch, would you feel that it might be good to give them something in return? Especially if you are in a position of power? Such as being an MP?

Mmm. Life's difficult questions...
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