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YesMidlothian is a non-political party affliated organisation dedicated to the support of the Yes campaign for the next Scottish independence referendum.
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“May 6th. Salmond/Sturgeon. Leave it. Holyrood politics. Park them. Rampant domineering English Nationalism is on a roll. On 7th of May we will either be order takers or decision makers. This is the big one. Please, don't blow it. Indy is our Holy Grail. Unite for our Nation.”
“This kind of thing can go on and yet you would STILL prefer to keep fighting among yourselves, playing right into the hands of the Unionists. There should be ONE reason to stay together right now - you can squabble until the cows come home once liberty is won. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿”
Find out about voting by post in UK elections
“Submitted PlanB to be discussed at SNP National Assembly this weekend! RT to back.”
Let Yes Midlothian have you're thoughts on this article.

Given, no one seriously believes the UK Government will respect Scottish democracy and concede a Section 30 Order for a referendum on independence, and that no one at all in the Scottish Government can guarantee any sort of referendum whatsoever in the next Scottish Parliament term of 2021 to 2026 (...
“America’s warning for British democracy”
“18th poll in a row shows majority for Scottish Independence”
A Guest Post. 11th January 2021 Purpose 1.1 To Set out a Roadmap for the people of Scotland to secure their independence. 2.0 Executive Summary 2.1 The Scottish Government must issue a deadline of 31st March 2021 to the UK Government, in advance of the Scottish General Election, to agree to a Sectio...
“@AUOBALBA We're campaigning for a May plebiscite.”
So here we are. It’s the start of 2021. We are out of the EU, apparently with a “deal”.
“Mike Russell - Brexit Deal Speech 1 @Feorlean Trade and Co-operation Agreement between the UK and EU”
“🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @NicolaSturgeon: "As an independent country, we can be decision-makers, partners, bridge-builders. We have a right, if a majority of us want it, to choose that future." ✊🏼 It's for the people of Scotland to decide our future, not out of touch Westminster governme...
A recording of the debate between the SNP and ISP on the use of the second vote in the May 2021 election.

A poll was held before and after the meeting and the results were

Pre Meeting 2nd Vote to SNP 3 Other Indy Party 21
Post Meeting 2nd Vote to SNP 4 Other Indy Party 25
A short film to put a smile on your face on the anniversary of the end of the indy rehearsal!

“@DougChapmanSNP Here you go mate - Scottish independence Star Wars mix 👍”
Help Scotland stay safe when we meet up, socialise, work or travel.
“A Scottish pound, a new currency for an independent Scotland. This from Varoufakis 👇and something @Common_Weal have written about extensively. What are your thoughts?”
Following the Kirsty Wark so called documentary I wrote and complained about biased reporting as only prosecution witnesses were heard on the programme and not defence witnesses who's testimony was obviously more credible than that of prosecution witnesses, hence the result of the Jury deliberations.

This is the response
Dear Mr Hope

Thank you for contacting us about the Trial of Alex Salmond...
I think this is a useful step on the rad to Indy. Have a look and help if you feel its worthwhile and can afford to. Forward as One is a pro-independence association dedicated to self-autonomy for Scotland. This action is being raised on the back of a promise to do so if prerequisite conditions were met.
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