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Last Saturday we canvassed views about the Supreme Court ruling at our stall in Morningside using a dot board, and got a generally positive response. That was our last public activity of the year, and it was good to end on a high note. But if you want to keep going, Yes Fountainbridge are holding a stall this coming Saturday 3rd December on Dundee Street (just past the entrance to Fountain Park)...
Well the verdict in Morningside is... Scotland should decide!
Taking the political temperature in Morningside this morning.
See you outside Waitrose 11-13h Saturday 26th.
Yes Marchmont and Morningside will be holding a stall at Waitrose in Morningside this Saturday 26th November, from 11am to 1pm.

Following the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, we shall be asserting Scotland’s democratic right to choose its own future. There was a good turnout from our group at last night’s Holyrood rally, which was addressed by Nicola Sturgeon and others; you can see pictures...
Following the First Minister, we have speeches from Europeans for Scotland who was part of the organisation; Tommy Shepherd MP and many others
Denial of democracy, Scotland in chains - inspiring some great posters
Coverage is coming thick and fast now
Lots of Yes activists lighting up Holyrood- we're there !
Today’s Supreme Court ruling clarifies the fact that the Union is not one based on consent. We will be asserting our right to self-determination at Holyrood on Wednesday evening as planned. Join us!
Scotland’s independence will only be achieved by democratic political means: it is up to us to build the broadest possible alliance for independence in Scotland and beyond. To this end, the...
The Supreme Court will announce its decision about Scotland's right to hold an independence referendum this coming Wednesday 23rd November. Whatever the outcome, there will be a rally at the Holyrood Parliament that evening at 5.30pm - 7pm, with speakers and music. Several other rallies will be taking place at the same time throughout Scotland, but this is the main one. So it's important that we...
Breaking news - Supreme Court judgement will be released on 23 November.
Our next Yes Marchmont & Morningside meeting will be on Tuesday 15th November, 7.30pm – 9pm at our usual venue. Please take an LFT test before you come, and don’t come if it’s positive or you have symptoms. At the meeting, we will have a short presentation followed by a discussion on the latest Scottish Government paper on the economy and independence; this paper is available here:
Average pay offer for nurses.
Scotland - 7%
England - 4.75%
Wales - 4.75%

Average salary for nurses.
Scotland - £36,641
England - £33,384
Wales - £36,636

Which party is responsible?
Scotland - SNP
England - Conservative
Wales - Labour
We are sad to hear of the death this week of Mike Blackshaw who kept the Yes hub going through thick and thin and was indefatigable in his organising verve.
He will be sorely missed. There was an extensive obituary in today's National (10th November).
RIP Mike.
Paddy's message = thanks to the intrepid leafleteers who have delivered all the 4,500 doors we'd planned to cover.
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