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As Nicola Sturgeon exits the stage, Robi1n McAlpine asks the following questions.

Every member of the SNP should honestly answer these questions.

"It is now time to sweep all of this away. Strip back the shallow showwomanship, the bluff, the grand statements that were substance free, the posing and the posturing and what is left? Or to put it another way, what got better and what got worse?

Craig Murray discusses the intellectual, political and practical blind alley, up which Nicola Sturgeon led the independence movement.

Do not despair. There may be politicians who have abandoned any genuine intent to gain Scottish Independence, but the path is still open. It is a question of nerve and will. I think we should lift our eyes beyond the current SNP leadership contest – although I...
Excellent interview from both TalkTV’s Mike Graham and Former Scottish First Minister and leader of the Alba Party Alex Salmond who discuss the latest in the leadership race.

All three SNP candidates have attacked Nicola Sturgeon’s independence ‘failure’ during the final leadership debate.Voting for the next first minister began o...
Plausible solution on how to progress with the leadership debate amidst the chaos from Ash Regan MSP.

"My team have put forward proposals that provide assurance to members with minimum disruption to the election process that we can move ahead constructively on.

In 2015 selection contests for Westminster candidatures had varying end dates. In some cases, candidates were removed from the ballot...
Smitty has been right so far.
A quick run down by Robin McAlpine of the shenanigans, some of which are down right criminal, by those within SNP HQ.
btw - Wheesht for indie is no longer an option. It never was.

Some people seem a bit confused about why any of the candidates in the SNP leadership election would have any doubts about the process. Let me see if I can help them out...
Wings exposes the lies being told by certain SNP MSPs about party membership numbers being increased under Nicola Sturgeon.
There were 85,272 members when Alex Salmond left the office of First Minister compared to todays figure of just 72,186.

…of the SNP has been in the post for quite some time. Because no party can prosper for long when it’s stuffed full of complete dum-dums.
Joanna Cherry KC MP, Chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights discusses the effects the Illegal Migration Bill will have on victims of modern slavery, showing government prioritising immigration control over the protection of vulnerable people.

"Robert Jenrick, the Immigration Minister, suggested that 73% of people detained for removal after arrival on small boats were referred to the NRM....
Another outstanding speech by ALBA Depute Leader, Kenny MacAskill MP.

"A TerraWatt is 1 billion KiloWatts. The average household in Scotland uses 4000 kW per annum.

Scotland is sending 35 tW south and by 2030 base anticipate Scotland will be providing 124 tW. That’s 124 billion kW of electricity and our people are freezing as I speak!

People are unable to power their homes. Our energy is...
1092 people tragically lost their lives last year in Scotland from drug use.
"unimaginable numbers of families plunged into bereavement."

The ALBA Party implores the Scottish Government to:

Fulfil and extend its commitment to providing residential rehabilitation facilities of a high standard nationwide available to all free at the point of need within the current financial year

Set in motion...
Today's Tory Budget

Tories are celebrating the UK Government giving back to Scotland £320M out of an additional £65Billion raised from a windfall tax on North Sea Oil and Gas.
That equals only 0.5% of the increased tax revenue seized from the North Sea sent back to Scotland.

•Scottish families are set to freeze this winter whilst Westminster seizes from Scotland’s resources an amount...
Families across Scotland are struggling. ALBA have a plan that will help to alleviate much of the pain that is being suffered.

In totality, this plan would cost just 2.45% of the Scottish budget. It is possible, we just need politicians with the will to implement it 👇🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

#AlbaStandsForScotland #ALBAforIndependence
SNP Councillor, Steve Norris on Sunday's #ScottishPrism after writing to the International Court of Justice on making Scotland's case internationally.

Steve Norris #ScottishPrism 12/3/23 "We need to go international"
Is it too late for SNP?

"Don’t blame Kate Forbes for speaking truths that need to be heard before it is too late. I may not agree with some of her solutions, but I most certainly applaud the courage she and Ash Regan have shown in standing up among the SNP’s spineless silent ones and saying some of the things that members need to hear. Urgently and before it is too late."

The idea that the...
Appalling behaviour from so called independence supporting newspaper, The National.

Today as an Alba member I received this email from the Party Secretary. I am appalled at the behaviour of this so-called independence supporting newspaper. Its reputation as nothing more than an in-house SNP fanzine is confirmed.   Dear Roddy, The National I am regrettably required to bring to your...
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