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Particularly in light of the current price hikes, this is a scandal…

Many Scots are angry that as electricity standing charges increase they are having to pay more than most English consumers. At the same time, Scottish green energy producers are also being asked to pay much more...
Interesting on how to establish a Scottish currency post Independence from Dr Tim Rideout.
A worrying development, a blatant attempt at voter suppression and an attack on our hope for a successful IndyRef2

Independence is the only way to protect Scotland's democracy. The UK Government is diverging from the principles and standards that democratic countries abide by.
Interesting letter from Tim Rideout in the National on the topic of pensions. Given that we all know it's a Ponzi scheme - people paying NI today fund the pensions of today, there is no "fund" - then the fact that NIC earnings exceed pension payouts by £3,000 million pa should be enough to allay anyone's fears that an independent Scotland couldn't afford to pay pensions irrespective of the rUK...
Worth sharing as pensioners are very much soft “No” targets.
Desperate stuff from The Times... anyone might think the Independence movement is gathering momentum!

  The Times, a deeply Conservative and Unionist newspaper has today launched an incompetent and completely self-defeating attack on the nonpartisan Believe in Scotland campaign, in a...

MEDIA WATCH: “We in the Nordic countries have a lot to learn from Scotland.” - Dr. Pelle Gustafson (leading European expert on patient safety and CMO at Swedish Patient Insurer).
Will be interesting to see the consequences of this…

I share this press release from the Good Law Project because I think it really important, and should not be ignored because some people went to an illegal party: Over a year of hard work has paid off today....
A Happy New Year to all YES supporters. Let’s be optimistic for 2022 and for progress on the road to Independence.
So, who do you think is getting it right?
A very Merry Christmas from all at Yes Eastwood.
Mike Russell, who heads up the SNP independence unit, is asked some pointed questions by Belive in Scotland's Gordon MacInytre-Kemp.
Cannot not post this. Very encouraging news.

  The first poll on Scottish independence after the majority of Believe in Scotland’s Autumn of Indy Action campaign has been implemented shows support for Yes significantly increasing to 55%. Excluding don’t knows, the poll –...
Interesting article on Pensions and Mortgages should an independent Scotland adopt its own currency.

I MAKE no apologies for returning, yet again, to the subject of the currency that Scotland might use after independence. It is what everyone in the…
Get in touch if you’re able to assist in distributing the Scottish Independence newspaper here in Eastwood.
Great news from COP26 - Offshore wind resources in the North Sea will create thousands of jobs and boost Scotland ‘s ambitions to be a world leader in renewable energy through a plan unveiled at COP 26 in Glasgow.

The Northern Horizons Project will use floating offshore wind turbines to produce green hydrogen which could fuel vehicles or be used in fuel cells to generate electricity during...
An interesting perspective on the Union…

“This is simply outstanding from @PhantomPower14 –please check his pinned tweet about current crowdfunder. We need his media contributions more than ever.”
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