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As you will note from the poster , the Venue for this event has changed to The Bay Hotel in Kinghorn
Good morning everybody, all set up and ready for a brilliant day..Cardenden Village Fair
Thanks folks , Give what you can !!!! Good Morning folks as you can see I'm doing the Kilt Walk on Sep 18th in Edinburgh I'm doing this to raise funds for our Food Pantry in Cardenden which is in the Bowhill Centre .. The Food Pantry not only provides much needed resources to our families but also provides...
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The full article, republished
Today the YES2 Cardenden Hub traveled to Burntisland for the Highland Games and what an outstanding day we had..The response from our Fife community was wonderful to see..the great conversations on how this country moves forward to independence was engaging and refreshing and gives real purpose to know that this is clearly what is wanted...our international visitors see this as a simple and much...
So after a very busy day of production. We are now ready for the Burntisland Highland Games on Monday 18th of July..look out for Yes2 Cardenden..we have t-shirts,mugs, flags, doggie bandanas car stickers mouse mats and much more..come by say hello, pickup any literature you wish and remember we take orders..
This is Dave's latest image for Independence..I know many folk would like this on their wall..get in touch with us at the Hub page or drop into the Hub in the Village...Free in 23!!
We are planning to paint the Shutters on the front of the Hub ..Something symbolising the Independence Referendum and date . If anyone has blue metallic paint they can donate to us , we would be very grateful...
We are sending out a call to arms for Saturday 2nd to help move the remaining furniture around in the Hub in readiness for the Quiz on the 14th Can you all please pitch in and bring along everyone you know. There will also be a bit of cleaning and maybe painting. Come on folks the more we have the quicker this will get done !!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
🚨 BREAKING: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Scotland’s independence referendum will be held on the 19th of October 2023.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The campaign is on! Join over half a million people and pledge your support for Scottish independence at
A fun filled night of quizzing, always a wee bit of a Scottish theme but plenty mire thrown in. BYOB. We will supply the nibbles.
Event Details
Online Event -
Tickets Cost £5 for a team of 4
You have all seen the event , now the Poster , get this in your diaries folks .. Not to be missed
Delighted with the response to our first get together in good while..Some brilliant ideas to move the Hub forward..The doors are now open folks we are interested in your ideas, your hopes and enthusiasm for an independent Scotland, The Hub will produce the Yes materials the merchandise, just let us know what you know where we are..more information to follow
Tomorrow's front page: Punch ups. Puke ups. P*ss ups. Cover ups. Contempt. Corruption.

Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister that being in the Union lands us with 😡
- The UK’s energy price cap could jump by 42% to a record £2,800 in October, adding more than £800 to bills for millions of households, Ofgem CEO Jonathan Brearley said. - The increase will come in as households start to use their heating more at the beginning of winter.
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