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Scotland's future in Scotland's hands.
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"Our Right to Decide"

The Independence march in Edinburgh yesterday.

“#indyref2 #Indyref2023 Edinburgh march”
This article was published as part of a special-edition paper distributed in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire by the Aberdeen Independence Movement

THE cost of living crisis is a primary illustration of why independence is necessary, constitutionally and as a human right.
The party is over. There couldn't be a better time or bigger need for Independence.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made clear she will not be following the UK Chancellor’s growth plans, which she branded “morally repugnant, fiscally damaging and reckless”.

The SNP leader was clear in her criticism three days after MP Kwasi Kwarteng stunned observers by announcing a £45 billion package of tax cuts.

The pound plunged to a record low against the US dollar by Monday...
Budget for the bankers, not the people
Tory Minister on GMB this morning North Sea Oil and Gas production up 26%...and keeping the entire UK afloat on brexshit creek.
No bad for a resource that was rapidly running out in 2014.
THE UK Supreme Court has granted the SNP permission to intervene in the case on Scotland's right to hold an independence referendum.

The party had applied to be allowed to submit its own arguments to the court in early August, despite the Scottish Government’s top law officer – Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain – already having submitted a case.

The UK Government has also submitted and published...
The danger of moving the goal posts. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
THE Labour party is still flailing about, trying to reconcile the increasingly irreconcilable political expectations of the electorates of…
We now have a terrifying situation where the ‘regulator’ set up to protect consumers is now effectively an agent of attack - protecting profits, not people. Ofgem needs urgent reform. 🔥
Are you Yes yet?

Energy is not devolved, Scotland is powerless over this issue. People will freeze to death this winter if Lizz Truss choses to do nothing.

In 36 days the price of energy will rise by 80%.

£1971 to £3549.

That’s not a cap, that’s a catastrophe.

Meantime, the doors at Westminster sit firmly shut.
OUTLANDER author Diana Gabaldon has said the BBC phoned her before an interview to ensure she did not make any “inflammatory” comments on…
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