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A Wilderness of Peace is a blog by Al Harron which discusses Scottish independence, politics, culture, history and other subjects.
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The following post is an expansion on my response to Inverclyde’s Historical Links to Slavery Working Group: Gourock Coat of Arms Public Consultation. I have written on the Gourock Coat of Arms before, and I have a deep personal interest in it stemming from an early age. Therefore I felt it would be beneficial to […]
The last post was a bit dowlie for my liking. I was still upset about the situation with the McPherson Centre, and frustrated. Fortunately, a couple of things happened since writing that post which reinvigorated my belief in Scotland and her people. First, I traveled to the prehistoric landscape of Skye. Obviously there are many […]
I’ve found great difficulty mustering the heart & will to post anything on the blog in the past few months. Everything since the election has seemed so counter-intuitively dark and dreich, a sense of failure clad in the gaudy rainments of victory. For all the gains we made since 2014, we still keep failing somehow. […]
It still comes up long after the original franchise for the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum was set: who gets to decide whether Scotland regains its independence or not? Folk might think that my advocacy and membership of the Alba party means that I might have changed my mind on things other than my voting preference. […]
NICOLA Sturgeon was the first politician to be sworn into the sixth session of Holyrood as the new parliament formally got under way, with affirmations and oaths taken in a record number of languages. Returning and new members took an oath or affirmation following last week’s election in which the SNP was returned as the […]
One of my favourite directors is John Carpenter. Even the least of his films are imbued with his creative watermark. 1978’s Halloween is the blueprint for all subsequent Middle-American anxieties about youth turned into grim slasher horror; 1976’s Assault on Precinct 13 is a nigh-unbearably tense thriller that manages to foster deep isolation in the […]
Vote is cast. Now we wait. I have been deeply fortunate in my voting life. Each time I have voted, it was with full heart & soul, because I truly believed in what I was putting on the ballot paper. This election, I had the honour of doing the same. No lingering doubts, no nagging […]
Ever since switching to Alba, I’ve made a sincere effort to be fair and even-handed to the SNP: it is obvious that the SNP are vital to the cause of independence, and I know my friends are no less dedicated to the cause than I or anyone else. But the question as to why I […]
One of the many friends I made when I officially joined the SNP back in 2014 was Abdul Majid – or, more properly, my Mammy’s friend, because she’s the people person. While the Abdul I know is not one for self-promotion, I believe it’s important for the Scottish Independence Movement to know who he is, […]
I remember attending my first “Yes” event, all those years ago. I was pleasantly surprised at how many folk were there, all sharing a desire for an independent Scotland – but nonetheless, acknowledged the trials which lay ahead. It’s almost a decade since I started the modern, “real” leg of my personal journey. Back then, […]
I’ll tell you a memory I have of the Scottish Independence Referendum campaign, some seven years ago. A group of young men came in. They seemed animated, enthusiastic, but with an air of frustration about them. They had questions – the usual sorts they’d heard from the papers & telly – which we listened to […]
Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.– John Quincy Adams Last week was perhaps the darkest I’ve felt since the 19th of September 2014. Today, that darkness lifted, and I started to hope again. I know enough about myself that, […]
In a time long ago, I was once privy to secret knowledge. Back in my film criticism/journalism days, I talked with directors, screenwriters, producers, all sorts of individuals: I knew a lot of folk who worked at various levels in the industry. I’m lucky enough to call some of them my friends – damned if […]
It’s all so surreal. Unbelievable. Nightmarish. I mean, I’d talked before about intrusive thoughts. And they’ve been largely the sort that you find in a later Alistair MacLean spy thriller – heck, some of them have been pushing into Clive Cussler territory. I’ve gone on record saying that I don’t want anyone to die for […]
I’m not interested in “sides” with this. All that matters is the truth. I posted this on the 31st of March, 2020, and it remains all I’m interested in. To reduce the current situation as “one political personality versus another political personality” (as far too many have done already) is to do a great disservice […]
In the year 2055 If Holyrood’s still alive If Scotland can survive We may find… In the year 3055 Westminster ain’t gonna stop tellin’ you lies Everything you think, do, and say Is only “Once In A Generation” hey In the year 4055The Scottish Parliament will metastatiseAll the time looking to doSomething about the West […]
I had the strangest dream last night. My mother and I were walking along the M8 to Glasgow, at the stretch across from Dumbarton Rock. It was cloudy and gloomy. There were some other people also walking. There were no cars. No idea why. Mum turned around, looked shocked, and said “do you remember how […]
Oh Lord, it’s that time again. THE current devolved settlement is becoming out of date and the UK should begin a serious debate about creating a “sensible alternative: a federal United Kingdom”, says Sir Malcolm Rifkind. We’ve heard this so many times it’s getting beyond a joke. How many times? How many decades? How many […]
  There’s a phrase that kicks about in times of conflict and war – Delenda Est. It’s most often seen in the term Carthago Delenda Est, “Carthage Must Be Destroyed,” by modern scholars of classical antiquity in regards to Marcus Porcious Cato’s closing words during Senatorial debates between the 2nd and 3rd Punic Wars. The […]
I try my best not to be too critical of fellow independence supporters, but sometimes I feel like I have to plant my colours to the mast. Such a day is today, where Neil Mackay hosts an interview with Andrew Wilson, former SNP MSP and currently (in)famous for the Growth Commission prospectus on an independent […]
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