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WFI Shetland +WFIShetland
Women For Independence - Shetland. We welcome all contributions, thoughts, ideas, questions – from no, don’t know and yes voters alike!
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Single use plastic is just garbage
At least one positive thing has come about due to the Brexit vote and negotiations.
Talk by Peter A. Bell
WFI Shetland meeting
Freedom from London rule would make so many better options more viable.
I am not saying that there are no good aristocrats; just that they probably shouldn't be making decisions for the rest of us anymore. We're all Jock Tamsin's bairns!
Hello there! As you’ll probably be aware from local media, my brother Tom is standing as the local SNP candidate for the MSP by-election on 29th August. If any of you are keen to get involved in the campaign then please give me a message with your mobile number, email address and full name and I will get back to you/add you to a mailing list as soon as I can. He’s really keen to have more...
Any plans for up here in Shetland ?. The party's depute leader Keith Brown said MPs, MSPs and activists would be given a target of speaking to 50,000 people across the country on 29 September.
Trump’s brazen recognition of Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela is an attempt to reverse the democratic will of the Venezuelan people, writes FIONA EDWARDS
Lots of things to discuss and time to organise!
What do these kids understand that your boss doesn’t?The Finance Sector Union of Norway
These are the people who object to higher corporate taxes. It's 'Fat Cat Thursday'.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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