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The Point is an online magazine written by socialists and progressives who want to see genuine change in Scotland and internationally
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Fellow Yes supporters. Please take two to four minutes to complete and send this short survey as regards your opinion and attitudes to certain YES related questions...make sure your views are counted ESPECIALLY if you are a dissenter!

Please let us know what you are thinking and how you are feeling by taking part in the second annual Believe in Scotland poll of the Yes Movement and at the end,...
So Andrew has been unceremoniously booted out of the Royal 'Firm'

Thoughts occur....
Johnson's strategy for survival:

1) Be insincerely contrite and try and make a blatant breaching of the rules sound like he misplaced his school satchel

2) Hope for a few 'squirrels' to show up over the next few weeks to distract the ungrateful public, and ensure the attention of the lower orders moves on to something else

3) Start using whatever leverage he has against his own MPs to hold onto...
No more one rule for the rich elites and another rule for everyone else.

Boris Johnson must go! The Tories must go!
ALBA are demanding the UK government acts immediately to help people facing the winter fuel bills crisis.

Of course, ultimately only independence and public ownership can solve this increasing annual problem - but energy is not a devolved issue and it is right that progressive independence parties should hold the Westminster government to account and demand they act when do many people are...
After yesterday's kite flying on Devo Max being included as an option on the Indy ballot paper, and the overwhelming response AGAINST on social media from Indy activists across the political spectrum, we welcome this headline in today's National.

To describe the situation Scotland faces as a 'logjam' is to torture metaphor and the English language. What is happening is not a 'logjam', but a...
The so-called "Colston Four" cleared in court today.

The court statement, "In this case, they determined that a conviction for the removal of this statue - that glorified a slave trader involved in the enslavement of over 84,000 black men, women and children as a 'most virtuous and wise' man - would not be proportionate."

Ken Glass
Via The Point
To all friends of independence, regardless of party affiliation, please share if you agree!

It's not me in the photo, but the figures are factual and they are mine. I'm on ESA because I have conditons that collectively prevent me from working, and my disposable income for everything, after councul tax deductions and small contribution to rent, is approximately £110 a week. This week, so far, I've put £52 into Scottish Power's meter...
Half a million people have now signed the petition for the quashing of war criminal Tony B. Liar's knigthood.

More than 500,000 people have signed a petition calling for Tony Blair to be stripped of his knighthood.
The knighting of Blair is a calculated insult to the moral intelligence of all who live in these Isles.

Of course, he should be stripped of this 'honour'.

And perhaps it's time to get rid of the whole feudal kit and caboodle of honours, patronage and monarchy.

A PETITION to have Tony Blair stripped of his knighthood is rapidly gathering pace - less than 24 hours after the news broke of the...
This is life under privatisation, the Tories, the capitalist market and the ongoing struggle to get by, getting worse year on year.

Could we do better in an independent Scotland, with public ownership, and a common weal instead of private profit model?

The only answer, surely, is YES!

Nearly three in four Scotland are worried about unaffordable energy bills in 2022 with many...
Simple question.
The James Webb space telescope will be able to study nearby exoplanets (planets around stars in other solar systems) for the chemical signatures of a biosphere.

Whatever the results of those observations will be, and it will take some years to collect, collate and interpret all the data, the findings will be momentous for the human race.
With Alan Shearer on this one...and against anti-vax idiocy

ANTI-VACCINE protesters who attempted to “serve papers” on ex-footballer Alan Shearer dropped them off at the wrong house.
All reasonable points from a Scottish rail union leader.

We hope the Scottish Government will signal agreement.

THE head of a rail union has today written to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with his five asks for ScotRail ahead of the train operator going…
We believe in rights of personal gender identity AND women's sex based rights, and that any philosophically, scientifically and ethically literate/competent government should be able to accommodate and balance both in rights legislation and advice.

But when legislation and societal approach leads to this Kafkaesque absurdity, which could actually be prejudicial and psychologically harmful to...
A meme for public ownership, hopefully self explanatory.
Seems like an idea worth exploring.

Darwin's "Origin of Species" laid out the theory of evolution, but it also had an important idea nestled within: a hypothesis about tree growth that could save us.
All the best to everyone, for the festive season and beyond.
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