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Not upgrading benefits in line with spiralling inflation for those who are the poorest in our society - who cannot work or who capitalism can't find a use for - will negate the one off payments given to help with cost of living and energy price rises, effectively wasting that money and throwing...
And It's all going tits up for Trussonomics already.

Sneering and economically illiterate Tory tax largesse to the richest and big corporations has added 72 billion to UK national debt already at record levels due to Covid.


They will institute a tsunami of public sector cuts and privatisations down the line to try and balance the books. Never has 'Robin Hood...
Is this article true? What is your experience of the Scottish NHS?

Are people in Scotland so 'captured' by independence that they ignore creeping privatisation of the NHS?

We believe independence is needed to save the NHS from Tory and Blairite free marketeer dogma.

In an independent Scotland we need to recruit and train more doctors from the majority working class.

We need to ensure people...

Indyref 2: will be won with a greater majority and be easier to win if the SNP make it clear that indy is NOT about the policies of any one party - but is about the Scottish people being sovereign.

One way to do that is to promise Scotland its own referenda on important constitutional and social issues that go beyond party politics.

A referendum on whether or not to keep...


Our indyref is barely a year away. If it is not 'permitted' by Westminster, the following General Election becomes a de facto independence referendum.

The unelected PM of the dysfunctional UK is slashing taxes for the wealthy, while the families of ordinary folk...
Finally, some backbone...

The people are sovereign.

To swear allegiance to any individual or institution the people have not consciously, and in a democratic election or referendum, agreed to lend power to, is an anti democratic act against the principle of sovereignty of the people.

I disagree with the fake moral outrage expressed in these letters.

I am a Rangers fan who also happens to be a socialist, a republican. a supporter of a united Ireland and an independent Scotland, and a defender of free speech and the right to robust protest and dissent.

It would be a scandal if football authorities started to punish ANY club financially or in terms of points because their...
Is there no end to the downward spiral of the Labour Party under 'Sir' Keir Starmer?

For the Labour Party to capitulate to feudal social and class relations in this way, and sing a song praising a man who thought Jimmy Savile was a marvelous guy is beyond disgusting.

There is only one thing to say to anyone who would sing "God Save the King"

Get off your knees you servlle, class perpetuating...
Scotland's top.polling expert is clear.

If the Tories refuse to recognise our legitimately mandated indyref 2, they cannot stop the Scottish Government using the next available general election as a defacto independence referendum.

Note to academics: Thatcherite policies didn't work last time either.

Or rather, they worked splendidly for the super rich, the spivs, and the selfishly acquisitive, while being an absolute disaster for the working class majority.

It took the mass anti poll tax rebellion to do for the loony right wing ideologue Thatcher.

What will be Truss's undoing?

THE UK Government’s long-awaited...
Let's get sharing, people. (Note change of date for YESTIVAL)
Scotland your time is now!

Ken Glass
Via the Point

Spot on from Craig and Charlie in the article below. Please share along with this text.

The past several days have seen a prime example, in a so called liberal democracy, of what Noam Chomsky calls 'manufactured consensus'.

'The nation' was united in mourning for the Queen: a woman who.99.9 % of us did not personally know and have never...
Lots of people over 90 in these Isles have died this year. Families and friends will grieve for each and everyone of them. That's natural and if some want to shed a wee nostalgic tear for Queen Elizabeth, fine.

But this semi Stalinist enforced national mourning is way over the top. The only thing I am mourning is the servility and stupidity of those who think it at all normal, right or...
A must read and must share.

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—Empire apologists get upset when you talk about the fact that this war was provoked because a large amount of empire apologia in 2022 is built around pretending that provocation just isn’t a thing. By some trick of Orwellian doublethink, this concept we’ve all lived our entir...
Liz Truss, the one who wanted rid of the monarchy, is going to tour the four nations with the new King. I'm sure it has nothing to do with political careers, photo opportunities or elections.

The whole circus just demonstrates how easy it is to brainwash a nation. An unelected Head of State and an unelected PM on a public relations exercise will succeed because the masses resemble a Labrador...
Of course they did.

People will welcome the freezing of rises for the next two years, but ultimately the taxpayer will meet the costs of the energy companies profit margins being maintained.

Just like the banking crisis of 2008 to 2013, the state effectively bankrolls super rich privatised energy capitalism. Energy price rises will not now be as high as they would have been (although they've...
In the wake of the Queen's passing, the self righteous Royal commentators have gone into propaganda overdrive.

Stop this 'the entire country' and 'everyone' brainwashing Royalist narrative.

It is sad that a little old lady has passed away and my heart goes out to her family. However, I didn't know her and have always passionately opposed an unelected Head of State without wavering - as did our...
The Point will be making no comment on the current serious illness of Mrs. Windsor of London.

Clearly, this Queen is an important historical figure, and clearly, old age, illness, grief and death affect all families at times in their lives.

However, we will not add to or legitimise the BBC/Media manufactured consensus that Monarchy is normal or justified, and that magic blood or heredity is in...
Spot on.

The anti worker, pro-capitalist bias is ingrained in the language used by our broadcast media and journalists.
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