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"unpatriotic"? I would say they are the opposite, putting their hard-pressed council tax payers first. Patriotism towards your country should not be about waving a flag in celebration of the crowning of an unelected Head of State. It should be about taking pride in how society treats its most vulnerable. There can be no justification for spending on Royal celebrations at a time when council...
If you support the NHS and are against two tier systems, resource theft & queue jumping, next time you see a private health advert, block and report as offensive.

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For only the second time ever we find ourselves in complete agreement with veteran SNP right winger, Fergus Ewing. These salaries are a scandal and an insult to the majority of Scots struggling to make ends meet.

Since when was the 'circular' economy supposed to feature the usual swine with their snouts in the money trough?

Exclusive: Senior executives on the board of the company tasked with...
Forward to the Culture*

*copyright Iain M. Banks.


PETER Murrell has been told to resign as the SNP’s Chief Executive by the end of the day or face a no confidence motion from the party’s NEC.
Welcome news.

Thank people power, not the Tories, for this!

Don't know about anyone else. I guess there will be many in an even worse position than me. But my leccy in March is costing me nearly half my disposable income. And the cost of food I buy in the shops has increased by about 50% in the part year.

I know I won't have to spend as much on heating as the weather improves...but everyone...

Remember the golden first years of the Scottish Parliament and its rainbow politics?

Remember the golden years of 2012 15 when - regardless of political or party differences, all of YES came together and put the independence of Scotland as a nation firmly on the agenda?

In 2015 the whole of YES felt able to come together in good conscience and back a vote for the SNP at the...
What exactly is the problem here?

Isn't it normal in any democratic election for candidates to know who their electors are, and the numbers entitled to vote?

I've been involved in politics, party elections and union elections for nearly 40 years and I can't think of a single instance in any election I've been involved in where these sort of basic details were subject to some sort of bureaucratic...
Pleased to see that Gary was reinstated. Free speech is the bedrock of democracy.

Ken Glass
Via The Point.

It's absolutely right that any support for a future UK Labour Government be predicated on that government recognising the legitimacy of the multiple mandates gven to the Scottish Parliament to hold a second independence referendum.

The question arises, however, what if Unionist UK Labour simply...
Keep up the good work Ash Regan . You are making headway.

Less than 24 hours ago Humza was telling us it would be five years until we got indy under his leadership.

Only your plan offers clarity, puts the key question.of our time in the hands of the Scottish people at every election, and offers the possibility of all YES parties and people coming together to enable the question
In my opinion, probably the most accurate analysis of how this sorry MOTD episode is a true reflection of modern Tory Britain, certainly England. It genuinely breaks my heart to witness what the country of my birth has become. Sometimes we need someone from outside, who carries no patriotic baggage, to give us a sense of perspective. A long read, but well worth it for those with an open mind. I...
We live increasingly in a science fictional universe- gene editing, 3d printed meat and rockets...and brain implants and hidden monitors.

Without going all knee jerk anti and luddite, this US philosopher discusses the ethical implications and dangers of brain implants and interfaces (which are coming down the line).

Her call for a new universal right of 'cognitive liberty' is one we heartily...
Tommy Sheridan led the historic and successful struggle against Thatcher's poll tax in the eighties and early nineties as a young man.

He led the Hands Off our Water campaign against water privatisation in Scotland - and thankfully Scotland's water is still in public hands.

He led an explicitly socialist and pro independence party to national.prominence and six seats in the Scottish Parliament....
The BBC have suspended Gary Lineker.

The taxpayer funded public broadcaster is nothing more than a Tory propaganda machine silencing anyone who dares to speak out about its 'Nazi' style draconian policies. Well done Wright and Shearer, I salute you both for boycotting MOTD in protest.
Sending Gary Lineker a message of support. Don't stop speaking out.

Ken Glass
Via The Point.
Once again, it is Ash Regan in the SNP leadership election that is coming up with the fresh ideas, and an understanding of where we have gone wrong.

Her idea of an NHS summit to listen to front line staff and devise a strategy to begin addressing the big issues of waiting lists and service delivery is a good beginning.

Ultimately, we at The Point have always argued that we need to kick out the...
You are invited cordially to share...

No free human being, or free and responsible institution should swear loyalty to a king or a queen, or any unelected head of state.

And there should be no such thing as 'privileged' institutions in a genuine democracy

Sovereignty lies with the people, not with some historically accidental blood line.

We need independence for a lot of good reasons, but...
Ta to Tommy Sheridan for this one.

Spot on.

When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
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