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The fossil fuel industry has hundreds of people accredited to the key climate talks in Glasgow. Campaigners claim this gives the sector a bigger … Read moreBy The Canary
The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is appealing for anyone with relevant evidence to contact it.By The Canary
The Islington MP said he would look to ‘raise up the voices of others’ during the tour.By The Canary
The Scottish Hospitals Inquiry is investigating the construction of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) campus in Glasgow.By The Canary
Extinction Rebellion Scotland is calling for an end to fossil fuel extraction.By The Canary
Students in Scotland just scored a major victory against the fossil fuel industry in its European heartland. Following eight years of campaigning, they have … Read moreBy Tracy Keeling
The First Mintser responded by saying anyone who allows politics to get in the way of tackling climate change would be abdicating responsibility.By The Canary
Levels remain high across all four nations of the UK.By The Canary
Second Officer Paul Owen is the first recipient of the Merchant Navy Medal for championing LGBT+ rights.By The Canary
The Scottish Constitution Secretary said ministers in London are ‘attempting to diminish the powers and responsibilities of the Scottish Government’.By The Canary
The climate activist said no countries in the global north ‘are even doing close to what is needed’.By The Canary
The Scottish Greens have just made history. Because on Saturday 28 August, they became the first Green Party in the UK to enter government. … Read moreBy Peadar O'Cearnaigh
HM Naval Base Clyde, known as Faslane, is the Royal Navy’s main base in Scotland and home to the UK’s Trident “nuclear deterrent”. It … Read moreBy Peadar O'Cearnaigh
Growing numbers of local areas across the UK are recording their highest rates of new cases of Covid-19 since comparable records began, as the … Read moreBy The Canary
The group spoke at a press conference after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a consultation on the inquiry.By The Canary
The Prime Minister has said he still has confidence in the Foreign Secretary.By The Canary
A deal between the SNP and Scottish Greens is expected on Friday.By The Canary
The number of territories where the animals live has grown too – and NatureScot say they are likely to expand into Loch Lomond in the future.By The Canary
A young protestor from Green New Deal Rising and the Stop Cambo campaign criticised the First Minister after the meeting.By The Canary
Plastic debris found in thousands of nests across the north west of Europe poses a serious threat to seabirds in the region, researchers have … Read moreBy The Canary
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