Activist Nicky MacCrimmon says the Yes movement online must learn to put differences aside from time to time for the sake of the bigger picture
I’LL start this piece with a confession. I am not without sin.
Over the past few years I have, at one point or another, ranted at or about Trots, zoomers, Yes-marching flag wavers, BBC protestors, The National, The Sunday Herald, CommonSpace, Bella...
Replying to 
+CommonSpace "Be yourself" is the response I would give to this. Don't shy away from opinion because you think it would somehow damage the march towards independence. 

There seems to be this push for control of Yes2 at the moment. The +scotconvention , the White Paper from +Commonweal, various other groups telling us how to behave, what to campaign for, what to shy away from (the BBC bias being a hot topic).

I'm sorry, but have we forgotten what was so amazing about 2014? Grassroots. We had Yes Scotland, but we did what we wanted. We gave the message we wanted, not the message we were told to give.

We all had our own vision of what independence meant. That independent thinking needs to remain.

So have your opinions and share them. Don't feel afraid of doing so. After all, it's been the likes of +BellaCaledonia and +Commonspace who have their own opinions of things. They can't have a go if you decide to have your own.
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