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The Scottish Independence Foundation raises money for grassroots projects to further advance the cause of independence for our country.
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When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Scottish Independence Foundation

We at SIF are pleased to support #AUOBGlasgow March for Independence on 14 May. We shall be joining @AUOBNOW
and other pro-Indy groups at the Buchanan St steps this Sat at 1-3pm to promote the march. A huge attendance on 14 May will show our determination to win independence.
Watch Hugh Stewart and me sharing a few songs for Hogmanay at 11.00 pm tonight ... or you could always look for a repeat of a Jackie Bird show 🙂 Join us at:

“Join us at 11:00pm on Broadcasting Scotland for #HogmanayfromtheDungeon wi’ guid Scots songs tae welcome in the New Year. Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!”
If you've seen Lesley Riddoch's 'Nation' videos then you won't wish to miss the premiere of her latest one: "Estonia, the Baltic Tiger", being broadcast at 7.00 pm on Sun 31 January. Subscribe here to receive a link later this week:
Tonight's the night for the Independence Awards. Click on the link below at 7.00 pm to watch Elaine C Smith announce live the winners of "Independence Campaigner of the Year" and "Independence Group of the Year":

“Are you looking forward to this evening's Independence Awards livestream 🏆 We certainly are! Here's the link you'll...
SIF were pleased to provide observers at the vote count this morning. We wish Yes Alba every success in this exciting and important new venture.

LEADING independence activists and an SNP MP have been elected to the inaugural committee of a new Yes campaign group.
Things are heating up in the Yes campaign just now. SIF continue to support grassroots groups the length and breadth of Scotland. If your group has a project that needs a bit of funding, why not put in an application?
This information from Tim Rideout may be of use to Yes Hubs struggling for finance during Lockdown. Worth a read!
Registered SIF supporters should check their email for the first round of our offer of a FREE annual subscription to The National (see below). You can help SIF's support to pro-Indy organisations by going to LIKE every newspaper in the land since the coronavirus pandemic hit...
Registered SIF supporters should check their email for the first round of our offer of a FREE annual subscription to The National (part of our partnership - see below). You can help SIF's support to pro-Indy organisations by going to: a monthly or one-off donation to SIF
Dear All

In case you missed it, here's the enjoyable wee online ceilidh for Arbroath 700, put out by Broadcasting Scotland on Saturday evening, and compered by Neil MacKay. SIF Chief Exec (Greg McCarra) is on at 1hr 37mins, starting off with a summary of what SIF has been doing, and the need to continue supporting the grassroots Yes Movement ... and then doing a few songs!
Visit our website to learn what we do, and to offer us your support
Let's get ready for the next Independence referendum, and make sure we win it! [email protected] 'The Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) believes that Scotland can only realise her immense potential as a nation thr...
Here's Greg McCarra from SIF talking with Rona MacKay MSP and Ken McDonald (iScot Magazine) on today's "Full Scottish" with Broadcasting Scotland. Join Ken McDonald of IScot Magazine and guests Rona Mackay MSP and Greg McCarra for in depth discussion of the big stories in the week's news.
Here's the interview today by Broadcasting Scotland of Greg McCarra (SIF's Chief Exec) and Ken McDonald (iScot Magazine). Corrie Wilson's chairing. Welcome to the Full Scottish. On the programme this week, Corri Wilson is joined by Ken McDonald of iScot Magazine and by Greg McCarra from the Scottish Inde...
A good day’s work today with several pro-Indy activists involved in media production and broadcasting, all sharing their thoughts on how we win Independence. Great to see so much talent coming together. #ScotRef #SIF
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