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Leading politicians and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch will make the case for independence at a meeting to be held at the University of Edinburgh on 1 December 2022.

The intention is to energise students by setting out why independence is essential for Scotland’s future. The meeting will also discuss ways that a referendum can be won.
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Tommy Shepherd, Lesley Riddoch
The Supreme Court will announce its decision on whether Scotland has the power to hold a referendum on independence or not.
The Supreme Court will announce its decision on whether Scotland has the power to hold a referendum on independence or not. Times are indicative only. Please be at the rally before the announcement is made at 9.45am
Celebrate all things Independence. Come along to George Square, Glasgow for a day of fun, speeches and music.  
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Indy X is an independently organised - one time event - advancing the case for Scottish Independence. Our panel have come to present their latest thinking and help move forward the cause.

Indy X is not an organisation. Indy X is an idea.

If you like this idea, take it, remix it, run with it.

Organisations include Common Weal, SNP, ALBA, ISP, SIF, YES Dunfermline, YES Kirkcaldy, YES South Fife Coast, YES Rosyth
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Amanda Burgauer, Ian Grant, Alex Salmond, Colette Walker, Douglas Chapman, Robin McAlpine
Music concert in support of Scottish Independence: Featuring Pepper Jock, Pete Scally, Kevin Gore, hosted by Shaun Moore.
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Event organised by Hope Over Fear. They are assembling again on Sunday, September 19th to say loud and clear that recovery from Covid19 and Scottish independence are inextricably linked.

Speakers from all of Scotland’s independence supporting parties will be invited to send a speaker and live music will be delivered with aplomb by talented Indy Supporting artists and bands.
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Various Speakers
Social distancing flag display organised by Yes2.
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Previously hidden information is leading to new interpretations of the immediate post-Culloden period in Scotland

Following on the ethnic cleansing in the Highlands after Culloden, the British Army occupied much of Scotland for a decade. Reinterpretation of the period's true history leads to the inevitable conclusion that the Jacobite cause here was more about Scotland and its people than the dynastic aspirations of the Stewart family.
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Stuart McHardy
We realise that some will celebrate leaving the EU, but for us it is an enormous loss. Join us on Friday 31st January in the Prosecco bar at The Venue, St John Street, Perth at 8.30pm for a social evening where you can share your thoughts for how we may move forward as a group or just be with others who regret what is happening.

At about 10.30pm we will go to the Queen's Bridge with our flags and placards to mark our sorrow that the UK is leaving the EU at 11pm. Ode to Joy may be played or hummed - bring a musical instrument if you play - and Auld Lang Syne sung.
Make a dark day a bit brighter. Come and chat, sing a song in any European language, bring an instrument, bring some (European speciality?) food and drink to share. An informal let's see-what-happens gathering. Should auld acquaintance be forgot? It may be our last day of membership of the EU, but we ARE European.
On the day when the UK is due to leave the EU, we will keep the light on for Europe. Bring your light and join us!

More details to follow soon.
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Once 23:00 has passed and the UK no longer is an official member of the European Union all attendees will have the opportunity to contribute white and yellow roses to the installation outside our parliament before dispersing.
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Event organised by Independence For Dundee & Angus Group. Please join us in the City Square on Friday 31st January 2020, where we will be holding a candlelit vigil to mark Scotland being dragged out of the EU against our will.
Brexit is confronted head on as the community of Dumfries will come together on the 31st January as part of Europa Picnic – a farewell to Europe!
Glasgow Loves EU invite you to come and join us to mark the sad occasion of our official leaving time from the European Union.
"Will you stand and be counted or shut up and do as you're told?" Resist the Power grab.
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Open microphone
As it's the middle of winter and just post new year a lot of folk won't make the Glasgow march. If enough interest there will be one in Dumfries
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Meet at Walker Park for 12.30pm. March starts at 1pm. Route is Walker Park, Kingsmills Road, Stephen's Street, Stephen's Brae, Eastgate, High Street, Bridge Street, Ness Bridge, Ness Walk, Bught Road and ending at Fisherman's Car Park
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Lesley Riddoch, Ian Blackford MP, Drew Hendry MP, Yes Bikers
For many, the very real possibility of a sovereign Scotland brought the Independence movement with its hopes, dreams and aspirations into sharp focus for the first time. But what about the history of this ambition?
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Tommy Sheppard MP
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