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The Alba Party launch excites a Holyrood contest boiling down to whether the SNP can get an overall majority and who’ll come second. Suddenly independence comes to the fore and galvanises those who support that cause.
Alex Salmond instructs his lawyers to take action into the Permanent Secretary's conduct and lodges complaint to police over who in the Scottish Government was responsible for leaking to the Daily Record.
In an explosive speech to the House of Commons, David Davis MP uses Parliamentary Privilege to expose damning evidence of a political conspiracy against Former First Minister Alex Salmond by, amongst others, Peter Murrell SNP CEO, Sue Ruddick SNP COO and Liz Lloyd Chief of Staff to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.
Reading George Blake’s fine Scottish novel, The Shipbuilders, about the Clyde shipyards, reminded me of the pubs on its shore.
The future, including economic prosperity, will belong to those countries that have harboured and nurtured this resource says, Brian McGeachan in his latest piece for Scotland Speaks.
Professor Alf Baird sets out the case to bolster Scotland's maritime network and says current policymakers won't ‘rock the UK boat’ when it comes to maritime policy in Scotland.
After an explosive week in Scottish politics, it's Nicola Sturgeon's opportunity to have her say at the Holyrood Committee. REPLAY the proceedings below and follow the discussion on Twitter using hashtag #SturgeonSpeaks.
Over three years, two judges and one jury have looked at the evidence and found the Scottish Government wanting, and Alex Salmond innocent. Yet he still faces continued assault from people close to the First Minister, and Government reluctance for transparency on releasing key material. On Friday Mr Salmond set the record straight on his position. REPLAY the proceedings below and follow the...
If the Scottish government wants to re-start the economy, no other programme will make the kind of decisive contribution to recovery than housing the families who need homes but cannot at present get them.
Since October 2014 All Under One Banner (AUOB) has held twenty-two marches for independence across Scotland; mass mobilisations the people made manifest; mass gatherings that sustained, recharged, focused, grew and strengthened the Yes movement; mass demonstrations that empowered the people to intensify and accelerate the National campaign.
It’s been assumed by some in the SNP and indeed by others outwith it, that the formation of a larger Yes movement organisation is a threat to either the party or the cause.
The so-called Salmond Inquiry’s descending from the simply failing to the utterly farcical.
An eye-witness exposes the lies of Susan Ruddick, SNP Chief Operating Officer, following the SNP's grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented intervention to divert attention from SNP CEO Peter Murrell's disastrous testimony before a Holyrood Committee.
I was delighted that Bobby Gillespie from the band Primal Scream tweeted his support for independence.
On waking up, my mind turns to various issues from the mundane to the deadly serious. Thoughts cross my mind, from my fitba team’s stumbling form, never mind the plight of the national game, through to global warming and our planet’s potential extinction. I have to confess though that trans rights don’t normally spring to mind.
Scotland urgently needs an Action Plan to tackle the looming unemployment crisis. The following list of measures, while not exhaustive, highlights some key sectors where urgent action would create many thousands of much-needed jobs.
The Better Together band’s reforming with Michael Gove and Gordon Brown once again singing the Union song.
Finance Secretary Kate Forbes will set out her draft budget to the Scottish Parliament tomorrow, with a focus set to be on a widespread package of Covid-19 recovery measures.
‘They died because they were poor’. This is claimed about the 72 people killed when fire ripped through Grenfell Tower on the 14th of June 2017. It is not true. The ideology that led to these deaths is indiscriminate.
The emptiness of the “Autumn referendum” rhetoric has been exposed oft times before. But now hard facts confront the delusion of a change of heart coming from a Prime Minister who neither possesses a scintilla of compassion for anything other than himself, nor any sympathy for Scottish Democracy. 
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