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Scotland Matters +ScotlandMatters
A Scottish Nationalist YouTube channel countering the Unionist media and its lies.
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Richard Leonard shows exactly why he's the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party. The fightback starts NOW!
How the mainstream media in Scotland defends the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Democracy.

Just imagine Brussels did the same thing to Westminster. Would the papers and journalists be talking about the weather?
The unionist press are nothing if not cunning. Today they juxtapose two stories in order to create a false narrative surrounding the SNP and the pressure that is being created by the winter flu bug.
Ruth Davidson takes a telling from Nicola.
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What they won't report. Scottish Enterprise is a success story for Scotland.
A Scottish Nationalist Youtube Channel. Episode #1 - the case in defence of Gaelic.

Herald Article:
"It will also be carried on signage, stationery and vehicles, and will be introduced on these items as they are replaced on reaching the end of their serviceable life."...
Unionist journalist wants you to feel ashamed for being Scottish and calls flower of Scotland 'a wretched dirge'.
An analysis of Shakespeare's MacBeth leads this academic to conclude that the reason the play is set in Scotland is because England would be too civilised a setting, while Scotland is perfectly backward enough to host it.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is an Example to us all today.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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