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Remember the story of Robert the Bruce and the wee spider
Like the we spider we try try and try again
Integrity and persistence are the passwords
Thanks to everyone for their kindnesses
Great campaign Covid aware but good hustings and podcasts and meeting the real.people in the streets and in their gardens Friday and the result will be interesting
So now we know
No policy on the economy or currency
Patrick Harvie and the Green's position has No economic hinterland and Ms Sturgeon cannot answer the basics
There are answers but from those with experience of the issue and competence
As for Glenn Campbell's question on Brexit and the nonsensical answers, any one with business experience will tell you that there would be as much challenge...
Oh dear ! The so called debate of the national party leaders just now is like a combination of toothache and a sore head
No vision,no clarity, more telling of what others won't do instead of what they would do
No gravitas,no experience,no competence,no clarity,no policy
God help us !!
Talk to the people not each other
The only guarantee was that the BBC takes yet another slide down the road to...
Sad to get some of the garden chat saying this election has become a pseudo indy referendum campaign exacerbated as much by those against as those for
It is not
It should be about experience and competence (sadly lacking over the last 10 years) on education, social issues like drug addiction, health of the nation etc and above all the economy jobs,pensions, personal tax and income etc. Etc ...
Is it beyond us to raise the tone of language in politics
Let the inquiry into Boris' flat pursue its course but message to Messrs Blackford and Starmer is " look in afore ye look oot"
Having watched MsSturgeon questioning
The Prime Minster' s integrity on items re expenditure on his flat etc
Let her now openly tell us about the £500,000+ spent on the Salmond enquiry,the salary increase and contract extension to the Permanent Secretary,to the decisions on the Clyde Ferries,to the decision on Bifab, investment on the steelmills traceable back to Greensills, etc.etc...
Re the Andrew Marr interview this morning I cannot understand why Ms Sturgeon cannot state now what Independence will mean in terms of her party's policies After all she along with Donald Ross and the Tories had effectively turned this election into that one issue and only in the past few days has it been turned into an auction on spending promises rather than election about policies
The electors...
Wished to keep personalities out of this but will talk about competence
On the very regrettable mishandling of Covid deaths of those returned to Care homes wrongly as confirmed by the Health Secretary,the First Minister in being questioned on that and related matters said she had done her level best
Then her " level best is not good enough" as it hasn't been on education,drug addiction,the...
Wow what a day re media demands and leafletting
But a good feeling
Despite questions re our relationship with new or older parties happy to confirm that having spent many months and lots of research we are proud of producing and updating our 8 month old manifesto on policies and not a personality in sight I think we got that right Policies not personalities !!
Scotia Future will be focusing on the policies in our manifesto Policies for your future,our future is the basis of our engagement with the electors
Sustainable and achievable policies Policy not personality is the key to Moving Scotland Forward
In setting out our plan for REAL Independence we have laid out what policies we would implement once that is achieved.
The people need to know all of...
It is not Scotia Future's wish to conflict views but we need to understand the role of the Green Party
For those who share the need for a" greener" future one is surprised they and particularly their co-leader spend an inordinate amount of time on non green commentary and in supporting the economic and constitutional policies of the SNP
Let's discuss the environmental future and strategy for...
It is not about changing flags or flying them it is about changing society and letting the people fly
Normally write something like this on my Facebook page Chic Brodie for Ayr but it is not just a party or political.issue
I believe it is in the interest of the First Minister and the country to stand down quickly for the benefit of her place in the record of Scotland whatever views of it are as it may get worse with the tsunami of challenges on achievement or failure on education,health,drug...
The Hate Crime Bill has been passed Like the Named Person Act it will do nothing to resolve conflicts in society and a hard pressed police force will be required to address claims that may be unsubstantiated
Meaningful education and representation is the answer
Council Budgets frozen at current levels and recognize current crisis but we face a very serious situation when things get back to almost normal
Also local finances impacted largely by central government funding and consequently more control
The plan going forward has to be returning more power and control over local affairs and finances to local councils and reduce the huge cost of national...
Time to start getting good and real news out there and restore who we are individually and as a country
Let's start to communicate with the Scottish diaspora - our wider family world wide and start looking outward instead of navel gazing We are and will be much bigger than how we have been represented and those who have supposed to have led us over the last 10 years
Heads up let's go!!!
A lot of whistling in the dark today after yesterday but as my beloved granny used to say " it will come out wi' the washin'" and that was washin' not wishin ' with numbers
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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