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Scottish Young Greens is the self-organising youth wing of the Scottish Green Party and is committed to giving a political voice to Scotland’s passionate young left.
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Hello! And welcome to Green Talk! A series of blogs where we aim to showcase the breadth and depth of perspectives within our Scottish Young Green National...
Hello! And welcome to Green Talk! A new series of blogs where we aim to discuss the perspectives of our Scottish Young Green National Council on various...
This is the most important SYG event of the year and we'd love to have you join us, be it in person in Glasgow or virtually!
Event Details
This summer camp will be the first in-person event for both Óige Ghlas and the Scottish Young Greens.
Event Details
Tickets Cost £10.00
These tickets are for Scottish attendees. Tickets for women are still on sale. If you don't identify as a women, check the link below.
Event Details
Tickets Cost £10.00
Joint Statement on Erasmus+ from SNP Students, Scottish Young Liberals, Scottish Young Greens, and Scottish Labour StudentsAs organisations representing students and young people in Scotland, we condemn the callous decision by the Tory Government to remove Scotland, and Great Britain as a whole from the Erasmus+ scheme. Participation in Erasmus meant that young people, regardless of their...
On 22nd August, Mercy Baguma, a 34 year old asylum seeker, was found dead in her flat in Glasgow with her malnourished baby son crying next to her. While the cause of Mercy’s death is currently under investigation - with no confirmation as of yet that this was due to starvation - the harrowing circumstances surrounding this tragedy have sparked renewed pressure to end a key component of the...
The Rainbow Greens, the Scottish Young Greens and the Scottish Green Party Trade Union Group would like to clearly state their position on the most recent direction of the Scottish Government. On the 11th of September, the Scottish Government released a consultation called “Equally Safe-challenging men’s demand for prostitution”. We see this as another step by the SNP towards adopting the...
Are you ready to paint the town red GREEN? Over the past few months, all events have been called off or moved online. While this removes the human touch, it also drastically reduces the carbon footprint of events (and every face-to-face activity). The benefits of this cannot be ignored and is welcomed news for environmentally conscious people and organisations. As we transition to a ‘new...
Students across Scotland are facing a financial cliff edge. Blocked from accessing Universal Credit and with student support stopped for the summer months, many students are without any financial safety net. Most students rely on seasonal work to survive the summer and with ongoing lockdown restrictions and mass unemployment, these jobs don’t exist anymore. Throwing money into hardship funds...
UBI ensures respect and dignity for all, giving everyone the security to live and study without financial worry
From The Homeless Period to the ‘tampon tax’ our periods have gone public in recent years, with many feminist campaigns aiming to break the taboo. Periods are generally considered an inconvenience to approximately half of the population - but it can become even more difficult for those who cannot afford sanitary products, as well as transgender or nonbinary people and the...
We need to talk about the Citizens’ Income. The Citizens’ Income (also known as the Universal Basic Income) is an unconditional, non-withdrawable income payable to each individual by the state. In other words, free money for everyone. While it has been campaigned for in the UK since the 1920s, it has never been taken particularly seriously. This could be about to change. The Citizens’ Income...
The term pinkwashing is modelled on the term whitewashing, used to describe how non-white people are ignored and replaced with white people, particularly in film and TV. Pinkwashing refers to the use of LGBTQI+ symbols and terminology without referencing the community. The corporate aspect of this appears when large corporations and business use such symbols, terminology and events to make...
Today the Tories are tweeting about supporting Cambo and extracting as much oil and gas out of Scotland’s waters as possible. The Tories would happily sell our future for a quick profit.

The @scottishgreenparty have a plan for a just transition, supporting workers as they move away from oil and gas and into renewable energy.

It's Scotland's wind, sun and tides - our future depends on it...
Today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published the latest assessment of climate science.

The findings are clear. The climate is changing. We are on track for catastrophic temperature increases and extreme weather.

This is our last chance to stop climate breakdown.

This is code red for humanity.

World leaders will gather in Glasgow this November for #COP26. This conference is our...
ICYMI here's a recap of Boris' trip to Scotland this week

🛢️ Hadn't heard of Cambo, an oilfield off Shetland he's set to approve
👩‍⚕️ Opposed safe consumption rooms, a proven way to tackle our drugs crisis
🏭 Made fun of the communities Thatcher destroyed when she closed the mines
Yesterday Michael Gove said a Scottish independence vote will happen if the public wants it.

Scotland just voted for a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament.

The people of Scotland want a second independence referendum and we are going to get it 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Tickets are on sale now! 🎟️

Join the @scotyounggreens and @young_greens_irl for a summer camp to build skills, share experiences and look ahead to COP26 🌍

Spaces are limited and tickets are just £10 so get yours now at the Eventbrite page which you can find on the SYG Twitter!

Check out our precious post for all the details 💚
This week marks 50 years since Jimmy Reid led a Clydeside shipbuilders work-in 🛠

Reid is perhaps best known for his 1972 rectorial address as University of Glasgow Rector. Alienation, also know as his rat race speech, calls on all of us to reject alienation under capitalism 🍉
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