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IF for some crazy reason
IT CAME as a bit of a shock to read in The National of August 18, given the current political situation, that the SNP’s membership is actually in decline. It seems it has fallen from a peak of 125,000 in December 2019 to 105,393 in December 2020 and was down to 103,884 in December 2021.
BACK in 2014, had I lived in Scotland, I would have voted No to independence. But as Keynes said, when the facts change, I change my mind.
COUNCIL workers across Scotland have been offered an improved pay increase after the president of COSLA cast the deciding vote.
PROTESTERS have greeted Tory party members as they arrived for the latest leadership hustings in Manchester.
IT is now abundantly clear that the Conservatives are not merely hostile to any idea of Scottish independence
EXPERTS have debunked a declaration from climate sceptics who have defied scientific consensus by claiming “there is no climate emergency”.
BEFORE Salman Rushdie moved to the US, there were only two residents in the UK subject to a fatwa – an Islamic legal edict that can be placed on an individual calling for their death.
A TOP pro-independence economist has hit back at claims he could not make the case for leaving the Union, saying he had been misrepresented in the interests of “point-scoring”.
A HEALTH board in Scotland has said it would not want automatic provision of buffer zones around all abortion facilities due to fears it would “just draw attention to them”.
WORK to increase preparation for indyref2 in the Scottish Government has increased greatly from the start of the year, it has been revealed.
BBC​ journalist James Cook has spoken out over the abuse he received at Tuesday’s Tory leadership hustings in Perth.
UNIONISTS are struggling over whether to identify as both Scottish and British, a top academic has suggested.
In a UK first, Glasgow is repatriating artefacts to India 👏 Would you like to see more museums taking this action?
NATIONALISING the “big five” energy firms would save lives, the Scottish Greens have said.
PLANS to pay people to live on islands have been ditched by the Scottish Government, it has been announced.
LIZ Truss has been accused of delaying an annual report on human rights because it is likely to criticise Rwanda’s human rights record.
RISHI Sunak and Liz Truss are hugely unpopular in Scotland, a poll has shown.
THE UK’s former Brexit negotiator and vocal Liz Truss supporter has described the idea of Scottish independence as “morally wrong” and called for devolution to “evolve back”.
WHAT a relief to be writing this column in Edinburgh rather than London this week.
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