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SNP MP Hannah Bardell speaks about being attacked in Scotland for holding hands with her same sex partner
Nicola Sturgeon takes questions from MSPs at the final First Minister's Questions before summer recess
Thangam Debbonaire made the false 'illegal referendum' claim about Nicola Sturgeon.
Join us to discuss today's news at The National as a new poll puts Yes and No 'practically neck and neck' and Nicola Sturgeon prepares for the final FMQs before summer recess
Glasgow students Hannah Torrance Bright, Carmen Lean and Emma Brown sprayed paint around the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, while two of them glued themselves to a painting by Horatio McCulloch.
WATCH as Ian Blackford challenges Dominic Raab to come up with a case for the Union during PMQs
Dominic Raab stands in for Boris Johnson during today's PMQs as the PM attends the NATO summit in Madrid
The First Minister took on John Kay and corrected his suggestions, implying he hadn't bothered to read her statement from the prior day.
Join us to discuss today's news at The National as Nicola Sturgeon gives a date for indyref2 and sets out the route map for a second referendum
The First Minister was speaking after she gave a statement setting out the 'route map' to indyref2.
Nicola Sturgeon has announced a date for indyref2 👀
WATCH as Rishi Sunak attacks the SNP for 'imposing austerity' 🙄
At the final GRA Committee evidence session, protesters opposed to gender self-ID disrupted proceedings.
WATCH as Nicola Sturgeon gives a ministerial statement outlining the route to a second Scottish independence referendum
Join us to discuss today's news with The National ahead of this afternoon's indyref2 announcement
Join us to discuss today's news at The National as the Tories suffer huge blows in two by-elections... What does it mean for Boris Johnson's government?
The Bishop of Blackburn Rt Rev Julian Henderson spoke during a debate on the stresses on the Union.
'In Scotland, [Brexit day] is marked with nothing other than dismay, disappointment, and simmering resentment.' WATCH as this SNP MP perfectly sums up the DISASTER of Brexit on its six-year anniversary 👏
Let me repeat the call today for the UK Government to start doing their job … to get a resolution to this, to drop the anti-trade unionism and to show some respect to workers across the economy’ 👏 Nicola Sturgeon slams the UK Government over the ongoing rail strikes
Watch as Nicola Sturgeon takes questions from MSPs at FMQs
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