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Fact Check: Would Nato make Scotland keep Trident for 10 years after independence?
FORMER rural economy secretary Fergus Ewing is urging the Scottish Government to show the “same kind of ambition” for solar power as for other forms of green electricity.
THE fall of Rome was not an event but a process, stretching over hundreds of years. The decline and fall of Britain is proving much, much faster.
IN democracies, we should all have the right to know during a political discussion who people stand for and represent.
WHEN she was elected as First Minister in 2014, Nicola Sturgeon made history as the first woman to take charge in Bute House.
Key dates of Nicola Sturgeon's career as SNP leader becomes longest-serving First Minister of Scotland
PERHAPS we’re nearing that point where those whose task it is to preserve the correct ordering of British society will decide that Boris Johnson has outlived his usefulness.
NEW pictures of what is alleged to be a boozy lockdown-breaking gathering in Downing Street showing bottles of fizz have emerged.
“From Minnesota to Kirkcaldy, Black Lives Matter!” was the chant outside the Sheku Bayoh Inquiry at Capital House in Edinburgh yesterday morning.
THE First Minister gave a long-ranging interview with a magazine in her Holyrood constituency ...
FOLLOWING the release of photos showing Boris Johnson having a rare old time at a lockdown-busting party at Downing Street on November 13, 2020, it seems that Douglas Ross is having second thoughts about his U-turn.
I THINK the SNP youth wing need to ponder for a minute and read the history of imperial Britain and the involvement of Scottish soldiers who were involved in building that empire over 200-odd years (SNP youth wing in major shift to back Nato membership, May 23).
NOW we have seen with our own eyes what Boris Johnson and many others have known all the way through this saga. We can only surmise that they have all lied to themselves, to the country, to parliament and that every Tory MP who has gone on the airwaves and defended Boris has colluded in his lying, along with the hacks who were reportedly also present.
SCOTTISH Tories have dodged questions over whether Boris Johnson should resign as Prime Minister.
THE SNP could be set to lose control of Scotland’s capital city as a Unionist coalition materialises.
SCOTLAND is in a “ludicrous constitutional position”, Deputy First Minister John Swinney has said as he vowed to consult on changes to two bills knocked down by the UK Supreme Court.
THE SNP have taken control of a council previously run by a “Better Together” arrangement of Unionist parties – with women dominating the local authority’s top roles.
Todd said that she was "shocked" by the images and described them as "unbelievable"
BORIS Johnson and Sadiq Khan have come under fire after saying that London’s new Elizabeth rail line will be a “big moment” for the entire country...
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