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This was my first attempt at creating and editing virtual holographic-type images & footage to try and express how overwhelming I feel the modern news cycle can be sometimes, originally posted to Twitter in February 2022.

I'm a big fan of The Expanse, so no surprises where the inspiration came from ;)

As always,...
Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar and Michael Gove on the democratic route to a second Scottish independence referendum around the time of the Holyrood election in 2021
Tory MP Andrew Bowie on BBC Politics Live as the news broke of his colleague Christian Wakeford crossing the floor to join Labour
Along with the oaths and affirmations today in the Scottish Parliament, a number of MSPs had an additional statement to make.
Michael Gove on the Andrew Marr Show, 9th May 2021
Stopped off to have a closer look at a ringed gas giant on the way to the Eskimo Nebula, which contains a black hole and a beacon called Isaiah's Hope - a memorial to a player in the form of a poem written by one of their friends.
Took a wee trip to the HIP 47296 in Elite: Dangerous, a system with two black holes.

It was hauntingly beautiful.
A collaboration of people thanking everyone that works for the NHS, in what are difficult times with the coronavirus pandemic.

Many thanks to all who took part and sent in a clip!
Jeremy Corbyn managed to forget the name of one of Scotland's most famous architects and designers, Charles Rennie Mackintosh at a protest speech in Glasgow on the 31st of August 2019...calling him 'Willie Rennie Mackintosh'.
A fan compilation of the television series Gentleman Jack, starring Suranne Jones, Sophie Rundle and Gemma Whelan.

Music: Raise Hell - Dorothy

No ownership of the content in the video is implied, I just wanted to pay respect to a superb drama and some awesome music!
...with honest subtitles.
Ruth talked about her schooldays during the Conservative party conference in Scotland at the weekend - but there's one thing she forgot to mention.
Some Game of Thrones satire about Scotland, Brexit and UKgov's refusal to grant a Section 30 Order.

I created this as part of a wee project to learn about keyframe animation and masking in Premiere, as I hadn't used either technique before.
...with honest subtitles.
During his speech to the Welsh Labour Conference on the 13th of April 2019, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn quoted UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston by saying 'It is outrageous that devolved administrations need to spend resources to shield people from Government policies...he's right.'

Yet every time he comes to...
Brexit is finally laid to rest in the Former UK.
After attending the rendevous for the Keep Kirrie Clean event on Saturday 7th April, Tory MP Kirstene Hair posted a video on Twitter.

That video included a photo by SNP Councillor Jools Bell of a mountain of fly-tipped rubbish, giving the impression that she had been part of the group that cleared it.

Tory MP Kirstene Hair has been caught out posting a video using a photo from SNP Councillor Jools Bell of a litter pick three days earlier.

After pulled her up for using the photo, Kirstene deleted the tweet. she arrives in Berlin for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Prime Minister Theresa May found herself exiting the car alone with nobody to greet her.
Why should Scotland respect a political establishment that clearly doesn't respect us, and which has unleashed a tide of chaos with Brexit?
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