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The Scottish Sovereignty Research Group is a think tank that is made up of a group of non partisan independent thinkers. Empowering the nation.
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In depth discussion/debate with a panel of experts hosted by Dr Mark McNaught followed by a public Q&A. Ticket includes a Free raffle ticket
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Tickets Cost £1.00
Join Andrew Parrott and Cliff Purvis to learn about Scotland's Future Defence needs, Budgets, People, Myths and more.
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SSRG's David Henry and special guest Professor Alf Baird discuss Scottish Media, Culture and Language in a independent Scotland.
After independence, international recognition will be very important for Scotland. Questions and issues like the following will all need addressed:

Will Scotland get International Recognition?
Criteria & Process for Recognition
Potential Objections to Recognition

David Younger is part of the team at SSRG and was a contributor to advice given to the EU Commission on the status of Scotland within the EU post independence. He and Paul will discuss international recognition for Scotland after it withdraws from the Treaty of Union.
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David Younger
For Scotland to join the international stage it must first gain international recognition.
Presentation, Q&A and lively discussion of SSRG's 6 Routes to independence. All welcome
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Sara Salyers, Prof Alf Baird, Dr Mark McNaught
Scotland entered a union of equals in 1706 with England. However Scotland voted to Remain in the EU while England voted to Leave. This changed everything and SSRG which is made up of over a dozen non partisan individuals has a mission to help develop and publish policy papers and help the Scottish Nation learn about their countries history. If you can help donate that would help our group...
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